Husband Cheats on Wife While She Was Busy Taking Care of Terminally-Ill Mom, Leaves Her One Day After Mother Dies

Husband Cheats on Wife While She Was Busy Taking Care of Terminally-Ill Mom, Leaves Her One Day After Mother Dies

She revealed that her husband made her feel like a princess until something changed and things never went back to how it was.

Stories about partners falling out of love and thereby breaking the relationship are not new. But when one tries to take advantage of the vulnerability of their partner and does not try to remedy the situation even when they have ample chances is the sign of toxicity.

A 44-year-old woman, Nicola Funnell, was left aghast when her husband left her a day after her mother died. This came as a shock to her as they were in a happy marriage and she did not see it coming. What hurt her the most is not what he did but how he chose to do it.

The English couple met on a dating website and Nicola instantly felt a spark for him. "I was scrolling through my phone while watching a program on television when a notification popped up on my screen. It was from Ian Roberts, who had sent me a friend request," Nicola revealed to Mail Online describing how they met.


Nicola went on to continue how Ian Roberts seemed like a nice person and he never gave up texting her. The pair met each other in June 2011 and realized that they have a lot of things in common. "As we chatted away, it felt like I'd known him for years," she added. "He was so laid back and friendly. He seemed keen to get to know everything about me."

She was also impressed by how honest he was about his past. He made her aware of the time he cheated on his ex-wife because he was not happy in the relationship and that he regrets that decision to date. "He admitted he cheated on his ex-wife but added that he really wasn't happy and that marked the end of the marriage," she revealed. "He said he regretted it."

However, Ian's rare candidness about his past did seem slightly alarming to Nicola and therefore, she started inching away from him. But he never gave up. He persistently messaged her and wanted to meet her again. "I'd had my fair share of horrible relationships, and I couldn't risk getting hurt again,' she explained. "So I distanced myself for a few months. But Ian was persistent. He didn't give up messaging me and asked me to see him again. So eventually I agreed to meet him for a second date."


And now, staying away from each other seemed unlikely. "When we met up, the spark was undeniable. Soon enough, Ian and I were inseparable." 

After dating for 2 years, Nicola knew that Ian was right for her because he treated her like a "princess" and what woman wouldn't want that? "Charming, hilarious and incredibly kind-natured, Ian seemed the perfect package. He treated me like a princess and was always spoiling me with fancy meals and thoughtful gifts," she admitted. "Then within a few weeks of us being together, he told me that he loved me. It was fast - but it felt completely right."

The couple tied the knot in 2013. Nicola said that it was the happiest day of her life. "It was the happiest day of my life and it was made all the better by sharing it with my lovely mum, Marion," she told the Mail. "Although her age and various illnesses meant she was in a wheelchair, she beamed all day and looked thrilled to be there."


But her life took a steep turn after 4 years of marital bliss. In 2017, her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it left her devastated. "Mum called me out of the blue and told me some devastating news,' she explained.  "She'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it was terminal." She added, "Doctors told her she had just months to live. Her words hit like heavy punches and I struggled to comprehend my life without my mum. We were so close."

After hanging up the phone Nicola broke the news to Ian and sobbed in his arms for a long time. But he said nothing instead just kept holding her. As her mother's battle began she spend months by her bedside nursing and taking care of her. She revealed that initially, Ian was rock-solid support and helped through one of the toughest phases of her life. "Ian was my rock throughout Mum's illness, and I was so grateful for his support," she admitted. "It meant that between work and my hospital visits, we hardly saw each other. But I knew he understood."

Nicola's mother finally passed away leaving her shattered. Naturally, Ian is the first person she called but this time something did not seem right. There was a coldness in Ian's voice which disturbed her. "I was by her side as she passed away, and naturally, Ian was the first person I called to break the tragic news," she said. "But to my surprise, instead of being sympathetic, he seemed cold and uninterested."


And her gut proved to be right. "The very next day after my mum's death, Ian suddenly packed his things and announced he was leaving,' she explained. 'When I clocked his overnight bag, I stared at him with confusion." She continued, "I asked where he was going and he told me he wasn't happy anymore and had had enough. He added he'd had enough of the marriage and was leaving me."

Nicola's mother had just died and her husband walked out on her. She was comfortless and miserable by the events of her life. She constantly begged him to tell her the reason for his decision but he kept refusing. After persistent requests, Ian told her that he had met another woman and he wants to start a life with her because she had left her husband for him too. "I was stunned when he revealed he'd met this other woman through Facebook, and that he'd been seeing her for six months behind my back,' said Nicola. 'Six months - the whole time I was nursing my dying mother. Rat!"

Ian, however, had a different story to tell, "No, I don't regret a thing. I'd had enough of being screamed and shouted at. The reason I walked when I did was that I said I didn't want to go to the funeral, and she was screaming vile stuff down the phone to me."  He added, "That was my final cue to leave. The affair means I got my life back."

All of this was too much for Nicola. She was inconsolable and lost until she finally decided to take charge of her life and stand back. Ever since they parted ways, Nicola has lost a staggering nine stone and she is living her happiest and healthiest phase right now.


"Ian's betrayal made me feel worthless, but now, my confidence is through the roof," she said. "I'm happier and healthier than ever, I can flaunt my new body in figure-hugging outfits, and I feel like a completely new woman."