Husband Burns $1 Million Just To Stop His Ex-Wife From Getting His Savings After Divorce Proceedings

Husband Burns $1 Million Just To Stop His Ex-Wife From Getting His Savings After Divorce Proceedings

Bruce McConville was warned by the judge and was sentenced to 30 days in prison. The court told him it was his responsibility to provide for his children.

It is no doubt divorce proceedings can be quite stressful for both the partners. But, one man took his frustration to another level and decided he didn't want to give spousal and child support. Instead, he chose to do the most bizarre thing that even surprised the court.

According to People, Bruce McConville, a Canadian businessman was fighting his divorce case in court. The man was so frustrated that he decided he didn't want his ex-wife to have any of his money as part of the settlement.

He surprised the court by opening up about his weird action. The 55-year-old told the court that he withdrew a total of $1,050,000 from six different banks through 25 different withdrawals. When asked where the cash was, he told the judge that he had burned all the money in two different bonfires. McConville said he burned  $743,000 on 23 September, 2019 and $296,000 on 15 December, 2019. He told the court that he had receipts of all the withdrawals to support his claim. However, he admitted he did not have any evidence to prove he burned the money.


Surprised by the man's claims, the superior court Justice Kevin Phillips asked, "How does destroying over a million dollars advance your child’s best interest? You understand that’s hard to believe?" According to the Ottawa Citizen, the man said, "Yes, I do."

He then told the court that his actions were a result of his frustration. It’s not something that I would normally do. I am not a person that is extremely materialistic. A little goes a long way. I have always been frugal. That’s why my business lasted for 31 years,” said the man.

Though McConville explained the details of his claim, the court was not ready to believe it. The justice stated that McConville “has very clearly and deliberately set out to thwart the court and the proper administration of justice.”

The justice also warned the man of “penal consequences” if he didn't come clean. He also added, "You are making a mockery of this court, and its process, something I will not allow … You are conducting yourself with intent to deliberately and wilfully frustrate the proper administration of justice. More particularly, I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible because what you claim to have done willfully and directly undermines the interests of your children.”

The judge told the man that he was obligated to provide for his children just like any other father. “You have set out to do damage to your children’s future by destroying, on purpose, the financial wherewithal that you had to provide for their best interests,” said the judge. 

McConville was then sentenced for 30 days in prison. He will also be forced to face other penalties for not being honest with the court on the disappearance of the money. Additionally, he was asked to pay a fine of $2,000-per-day to his ex-wife.