Husband Blames His Wife For Being Pregnant With A Girl Because He "Would Prefer A Son Over A Daughter"

Husband Blames His Wife For Being Pregnant With A Girl Because He "Would Prefer A Son Over A Daughter"

He also demanded an apology from her.

Rather than share the joy of being parents to their daughter, an insensitive and regressive man had the audacity to actually blame his wife for the gender of their unborn child.

While the couple was at the hospital, the mother had an ultrasound that revealed the gender of the baby. And when the doctor revealed the big surprise, the wife was quite excited to find out that they would soon have a little princess in their home. However, her husband's reaction was the stark opposite and he made no effort to hide the disappointment he felt.

He "acted cold and went silent until we got in the car looking like he was going to cry," the woman shared on Reddit, as quoted by Mirror. But as they talked, he claimed that the gender of their unborn baby did not have anything to do with his foul mood.

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Soon enough, the husband "broke down" and finally admitted what was bothering him and the wife was shocked to hear it. The husband unabashedly said that he was disappointed that they were going to have a baby girl.

In her post, the wife revealed that they already have a two-year-old boy and now, with another baby on the way, the wife was seeing a stone-hearted side of her husband. During the conversation, the husband said that the ultrasound "clearly got it wrong as he doesn't think he'll be able to handle it."

"He lashed out at me, asking me to be a little understanding because he likes boys more and would prefer a son over a daughter, and blamed me for this," the wife went on to say. "I yelled at how unreasonable he sounded, how could I ever be responsible for the baby gender I wouldn't know?"

Outraged for both the way her husband reacted to having a girl and for accusing her of having any control over it, the wife "shamed him for what he said and told him since this is how he thinks then he didn't deserve to be a dad," she wrote.

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The wife could not help but wonder how the father would behave after their daughter was born if this was the way he reacted to the gender reveal. She asked, "Does that mean that when his daughter is born [she] will be treated as a disappointment, and be reminded when she grows up?"

Despite all the inconsiderate things the husband said, he still insisted that the wife should be the one apologizing to him. But she revealed that she refuses to give in to his demand and said she "owes him nothing."

In the Reddit post that is now deleted, people commented and talked about how it was not only wrong of him to say those things but also mentioned that his attitude seemed misogynistic and the conversation they had should be a clear wake-up call.

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There's a "mountain of red flags here," ahumandisaster wrote in the comments. "You are certainly right that he owes you an apology, not the other way round. But I’m not sure an apology is enough here. He still has that attitude and that needs to be addressed."

infectedbrainzz said, "The sperm determines the sex. It's not like he has any conscious control over it. What he has control over, though, is whether or not to behave like an a**hole. Some ego. 'I don't want a girl. Boys are better.' Is he a preschooler? How dare he insult his daughter? Before she's even born? For... basically existing?"

"Some men love blaming women for anything they don’t like about a developing fetus, and that is bullshit," wrote schtickyfingers. "He is a male chauvinist. If he doesn’t like girls, or surprises, he never should have decided to be a parent in the first place. He owes you a huge apology, and you guys should look into family therapy ASAP if you want to continue to be, you know, a family."