How Your Partner And You Spend Your Free Time Together Reveals The Dynamics Of Your Relationship

How Your Partner And You Spend Your Free Time Together Reveals The Dynamics Of Your Relationship

Some couples might want to step outside of their comfort zone while others like to stay cozy inside and relax.

Taking out time from your busy schedules to spend time together shows how you both find it important to reconnect with each other every now and then. While there are a dozen ways to do something romantic with your partner, the way you and your partner choose to spend it shows what you both value in a relationship. Some things might help you both reconnect better while others show how you both find it important to make each other special. Here's what it shows about your relationship when you spend dates with your partner in the following ways.

1. Cuddling on the couch and watching television

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When you and your partner spend most date nights at home, playing your favorite movie or watching television, it could show that you both believe in 'less is more'. It's most likely that you both are in a stage where you're so used to each other's company that cozying up on the couch and relaxing helps you both unwind. However, "it also requires minimal interaction, so if you’re looking to reconnect, it’s probably not your best option," Samantha Burns, relationship coach and author told Elite Daily.

2. Trying something completely new 

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Adding the novelty of new things makes sure that you and your partner don't get stuck in a rut. You both value having fun together and you're open to each other's ideas of trying new things. "Keep doing new and exciting things together and the relationship can stay fun," said author, Eric Barker, according to Inc. You and your partner find great satisfaction in putting yourself together in something new, whether it's going out dancing or joining a pottery class.

3. Going out for dinner

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Stepping outside of your home for dates can show how you and your partner like to take a break from your regular setting and you're willing to put in the effort to plan, dress up, and grow closer over a meal. "Going to a new location, sitting in a fresh ambiance, and drooling over a delicious menu incorporates novelty, which helps activate the reward center in your brain, releasing dopamine, which is responsible for that lovin’ feeling," said Burns.

4. Cooking delicious dinner together at home

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What keeps you both together is the feeling of being one team. And so, your ideal way of spending date night is doing something where you both share the responsibility and reap the benefits as one. "Cooking can be a major area of contention for couples... said Ayo Gathing, psychiatrist, relationship expert, and co-author, according to Redbook. "Even if someone is only passing items, cooking together promotes a sense of teamwork."

5. Heading somewhere for a weekend getaway

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You and your partner hate getting sucked into the complacency of life and regularly planning a special weekend for both of you shows how you both like to keep things exciting, new, and fresh. "A romantic getaway recharges you both and gives you some quality time outside of your familiar walls," wrote internationally published writer, Apryl Duncan for Verywell Mind

6. Planning a surprise for the other

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What you and your partner value is taking a moment out to make each other feel extra-special on date night. "It is often the unexpected — not the actual action — that can reinfuse the thrill that we so often crave and that once swept you off your feet," said Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, clinical professional counselor and Imago relationship therapist. You both find that it helps reignite the passion between you both in small or big ways.