5 Ways To Love A Partner Who Doesn't Know How To Be Loved And Feel They're Not "Good Enough" For You

5 Ways To Love A Partner Who Doesn't Know How To Be Loved And Feel They're Not "Good Enough" For You

When they have a fractured self-esteem, they think that they don't deserve until you come along to show them just how much love they deserve.

He could be the man who was always afraid of showing others his vulnerable side, or she could be the girl who looks at herself in the mirror and doesn't like what she sees. They might have had a father, a mother, a sibling or a partner who tarnished their self-esteem, making them believe that they are not worth being loved, or don't deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

When you fall in love with someone who doesn't know how to love themselves, here's how you can show them everything there is to love about them.

1. Be patient with them as they take time to let their walls down

On the surface, they may seem closed off and they might not show you their true colors so easily. But once they see how patient you are with them, they will slowly let their guard down. And as their emotional walls begin to disappear, you will see a side of them that's been waiting to show you the beautiful strengths in them that they were never able to show anyone else. All the things that they hid behind their mask of insecurity, they will finally show you.


2. Show that you don't want to "fix them" but you love them just the way they are 

For so long in their lives, they were around people who exaggerated their flaws or told them they were too weak to be worth anything. But when you allow them to grow comfortable with you and show them how you love them just the way they are, they will finally have the courage to realize their needs and their dreams. And when they finally see how brave they can be, they will not only push themselves forward but will take you along with them through bigger, better things in the relationship.

3. Don't judge them for having fears that might not understand at first 

There might be some conversations that are extremely difficult to have with them. But while it might be hard for you to listen, remember how hard it would be for them to let it out. When they are finally ready to trust you, they will show you all the past wounds and emotional baggage that they have carried with them from the broken relationships. And when she sees that you're listening with an open mind, without judgment, you will be able to see all the uniqueness in them that slowly comes out as they let go of their past.

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4. Be the one who believes in them when they can't believe in themselves

They may have believed that their flaws are not worth loving, their past is not worth accepting, or their mistakes are not worth looking past. Because of this, it's possible that they are the ones who are most cruel to themselves. They might be overly critical of the way they are and think that they are not "enough". However, watching you believe in them and showing them just how beautiful they are in and out, can be the one thing that finally shows them how to love themselves.

5. Love them for who they are and you will never regret a day with them

Beneath all the darkness that they have been harboring from the past, they have a whole lot of love to shower you with. As you both trust each other more and more, you will find in them a compassionate lover, an understanding friend, and a kind-hearted soul who has finally found immense strength beneath the softness they have. They will make sure that you are loved with everything they have. And it will be the beginning of the many, many years that you both will happily spend by each other.

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