Single-Mom Housekeeper Breaks Down In Tears When She's Gifted The House She Is Sent To Clean

Single-Mom Housekeeper Breaks Down In Tears When She's Gifted The House She Is Sent To Clean

Cara Simmons, a mom of three, was surprised with a home after being nominated by her boss and her sister.

Cara Simmons, a single mother of three from Cleveland, cleans houses for a living. Simmons assumed it was just another day at the office when she was asked to help clean a four-bedroom house but she got the surprise of her life when she was told the house was now hers. It was Simmons' boss, Mary Jo, along with Simmons’ sister, who contacted Prank it Forward, an organization whose mission is doing pranks for good, and shared the single mom's story. “Cara has struggled with financial concerns. [She was] always trying to make ends meet,” she said, reported The Daily Mail. Simmons was struggling to hold it together as life threw one curveball after another at her. She even had to be hospitalized due to sheer exhaustion and racked up medicals bills as a result of that as well.

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One day, when Mary Jo called Simmons asking her to help an important client who lived in a four-bedroom house. When Simmons visited the home, the client at the home, who was actually an actor planted by Prank it Forward, told her that the place had already been cleaned but she needed to help with other stuff. Simmons was treated to a gourmet lobster dinner on the pretext that the food needed to be checked prior to the arrival of the guests. This was followed by two gentlemen offering her a massage on the pretext that they need to warm their hands up for when the client shows up. "What is going on with my day," wondered Simmons aloud. All the while she was filmed and monitored by the Prank it Forward team from screens.


Shortly after, movers start filling in the boxes and the client asked her to help unpack them. As Simmons unpacked the items, she realized they were all her clothes and items. Simmons was confused. The movers told her they were the items of the homeowner and Simmons was still confused because she was adamant it was her stuff. She was then led outside where Prank it Forward host Greg Benson was waiting along with her kids and gifted her the keys to her new home. “What your family doesn't know is that this is actually your house now. This is your home, you can stay here for your whole life, you can pass it down to your children, you can pass it down to your grandchildren, this is for you,” said Benson. Simmons reacted in shock before breaking down in tears. The children were moved to tears as well, hugging their mother. Benson told Simmons that there's a room for every kid in the home. 



If that wasn't enough of a surprise, she also received an all-inclusive trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to see the pyramids with her sister. Simmons started tearing up and hugging her kids and sister. “Cara is an amazing person, an amazing sister, she’s selfless, she works hard. She’d give you the shirt off your back,” said her sister Glo Nicholson, before adding that she deserved it all. Her boss echoed Simmons' sister. “She gives her all to her work and her family,” said Simmons.

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She has since made multiple appearances on TV, talking about the moment she realized the home was hers. "I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazing prank," said Simmons, 36, a Cleveland native on The Queen Latifah Show. Queen Latifah pranked Simmons' boss, Mary Jo, nominating the single mother. Mary Jo's daughter commented on the YouTube video hailing her Mom, "THIS IS MY MOM!!!!!! Just wanna say my mom is one of the best people I know!! She purposefully hires people who really need a chance, she’s helped nearly every single one of her employees on SOMETHING whether it’s medical bills, car payments, buying a new car, needing a home to stay in, and so many other things!! She is sooo incredibly giving all the time!"