Hey Husband, I Know Good Men Exist Because I Married You, And Here's What's So Amazing About You

Hey Husband, I Know Good Men Exist Because I Married You, And Here's What's So Amazing About You

It's never too late to appreciate the man who has loved me and been my side through both the best moments of my life and the worst times in my life.

Dear, Mr. Husband,

I may not exactly be the most expressive wife, but the last 15 years have been the most amazing journey for me. When we first met, I never dreamed that our relationship would blossom into something so beautiful, but there's not a day that goes by where I don't think about how grateful I am for everything we've built together. In a world full of stones, I landed a diamond, and I count my blessings every second. You've taught me that dreams really do come true and that soulmates really do exist because everything you do inspires me to be the best I can be and to love you with the best of my ability. Here's a note of appreciation for being the most amazing husband a woman could ever ask for.

1. You've been patient even through the slumps in our relationship

Our fiery passion for each other burned bright in our initial moments together, but flames need to be fed and rekindled every once in a while. When things between us became predictable and even boring, you never left my side. You persevered with me, even when it felt like we weren't growing as a couple, and that has made all the difference in the world. I knew I could count on you to love me no matter how hard you had to work for it.

2. We've shared everything together: birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of our children, and even the tough times

There's something amazing about looking back at the last 15 years and realizing that you were there with throughout everything I went through. You held my hand when I was screaming my lungs out in the labor room, you surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band for our anniversary, and you nursed me back to health after I got into that awful car wreck. I couldn't imagine wanting to share the most important events in my life with anyone but you.


3. Our fights have been constructive, not destructive

Ladies, you can tell if a man's the one if he respects you even when you disagree. I have never felt like our conflicts signaled a potential breakdown in our relationship because we always managed to find a way to grow closer to each other through our arguments. The way you treat fights as a way to get to know each other better and understand the other's perspective has done wonders for our marriage.

4. While love brought us closer, friendship kept us together

It's true that you're an incredibly attractive man, and I get the tingles every time you're around. But my attraction to you only brought us together superficially. What made our relationship deeper is the fact that we get each other. I love sharing everything with you, doing every little thing with you, and being your best friend. I understand the meaning of companionship thanks to you.

5. It may not be all sunshine and daisies, but facing challenges with you has strengthened our bond

One thing I admire about you is that you've never strived for perfection in our relationship. You've been realistic about the fact that things will get tough, but you've always reassured me that you'd be there by my side no matter what we go through. I've had to face some of the most incredibly painful challenges in my life, and I know that I would have never overcome them if I didn't have you by my side.


6. I love how you've kept our physical intimacy alive over the years

Most couples complain that they no longer have any fun in bed, but I'm never complaining. I know that sex shouldn't be something you work hard for, but you've definitely worked to keep our physical relationship interesting and exciting over the years. And the best part is that you prioritize my pleasure, which is something that not a lot of men do. I don't know a lot of people who think of sex as inspiring, but it's definitely inspiring to see how you've managed to keep the spark alive after all these years.

7. You've believed in us from day one

A faithless relationship is doomed to fail, but I love you for never losing faith in me. Even when I had my doubts about us, even when our jobs kept us apart, you always believed that we'd find a way to work things out. I've seen you continue to invest in me even when I was taking a step back from you, and it brings me to tears to know that someone in this world believes in me as much as you do.

8. You haven't let the bad days disrupt everything we've built together

Despite our good times together, we've had some awful days when we just couldn't stand the sight of each other. I was so mad at you at times, that I refused to talk to you or even acknowledge. I really tested the limits of our relationship with my temper, but you waited patiently until I was willing to talk to you and forgive you. And you gave me another chance to prove myself to you over and over again. You stayed by my side when I was at my worst, and I can't deny that I am truly blessed to have you in my life.


9. You've found the right balance to keep us both happy

It takes compromise to make a relationship work, and you've taught me just how amazing it is when we let go of our inhibitions or plans and let the other take the lead. I've seen the incredible humility you've displayed, and it's taught me to be considerate of your needs as well. You're an amazing man because you've shown me that a relationship is so much more worth the effort when we work to make each other happy.

10. I appreciate the fact that you give me space in our relationship

Perhaps the one thing I am most grateful for is the fact that you are willing to give me the space I need to be myself, even when it hurts you to detach. I love how you encourage me to be my own person and to thrive even on my own, and that means the world to me.

You really do epitomize all the hallmarks of a healthy relationship, and you truly are the perfect husband. I don't care how many flaws you have, how many mistakes you make, or how many times you hurt me. You have shown me that love is a force that covers all wrongs, and I am grateful every day for a man like you who accepts me for who I am and loves me no matter how hard I am to love.