Heroic Nurse & Mother Of 3 Passes Away After Stepping Out To Help Crash Victim In The Middle Of The Road

Heroic Nurse & Mother Of 3 Passes Away After Stepping Out To Help Crash Victim In The Middle Of The Road

Juliana Ramos's family is heartbroken. Her children are left motherless.

One kind woman just wanted to help a person in need. However, her generosity led to an event that took her own life. According to People, Juliana Ramos from California passed away after being struck by a passing vehicle. The 26-year-old nurse was on the road helping a crash victim when the unfortunate incident happened. 

The tragic event unfolded after midnight on 10 February 2021 near Fresno. According to a news release, a Hyundai Elantra had crashed into a tractor-trailer on Highway 99. Ramos who saw the accident did not think twice. She stopped her Nissan Rogue in the center divide next to the Hyundai and stepped out to help the crash victims. 


However, moments after she got out of her vehicle, a red SUV drove between the two vehicles and knocked down the mother of three. The sudden hit caused fatal injuries to Ramos. As per the police, the SUV that hit Ramos stopped and the driver stepped out for a short period. But minutes later, drove away. 

The death of the nurse comes as a shock to her dear family. The family informed that the nurse was pursuing higher education. Speaking to ABC7, her family cherished her memories and spoke of the wonderful mother she was to her three children. "She loved being with her kids. She's a good person, she had a good heart. She didn't deserve this,"  said Ramos's sister Claudia Sanchez. 


Moreover, the family added that they were all set to celebrate her 27th birthday. "Instead of celebrating her birthday, we're planning a funeral. It's heartbreaking," said another sister, Laura Sanchez. 


The grieving family started a GoFund Me page to pay for the funeral expenses of the woman. Meanwhile, authorities are still investigating the hit and run incident.

"It is a dangerous and active freeway, people are driving, some people may or may not be paying attention," said CHP Officer Kelly Carreno. He added, "And when they see something like a broken-down vehicle in the middle of the lane, their response may not be what you would think, so that makes a huge danger on the roadway for us."

Officials are looking for the car as per the descriptions they received from the witnesses. They suspect it is a "red or burgundy Ford Explorer-type SUV with possible damage to the left front fender and hood area." Anyone with information regarding the vehicle can reach out to the Fresno Area CHP at (559) 262-0400.