Woman Faked Her Pregnancy To Betray Her Friend Of 10 Years In A Horrific Way And Kidnap Her Newborn Baby

Woman Faked Her Pregnancy To Betray Her Friend Of 10 Years In A Horrific Way And Kidnap Her Newborn Baby

Heidi Broussard's friend Magen Fieramusca was charged for kidnapping her and her infant and killing Heidi.

Trigger Warning: Murder, Death, Child Kidnapping

We think of our friends as our rocks. Close friends stick by our side during the hardest moments and help lift us up but there are people who only pretend to be a friend. They bide their time until they can take advantage of us. Their negative intentions towards us end up being hurtful but we can get past that and cut them off from our lives. However, there are some folks so twisted that they are ready to cause bodily harm to us for their gain. 

One woman, Heidi Broussard, 33, from Texas trusted her friend of 10 years, Magen Fieramusca, 34, and may even have been excited when she learned that her friend was pregnant at the same time. They had met at the Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, according to CNN. Heidi's partner Shane Carey told police that Magen had claimed she was pregnant around the same time as Heidi. "Both women had spoken about the possibility of delivering on the same date," according to a court document.

They were so close that Magen was one of the first people to meet Heidi's newborn. Heidi's water broke on November 25, 2019, and Magen was by her friend's side the next day, having driven from her home in Houston to the hospital in Austin. Magen was supposed to be 37 weeks pregnant then but made the almost 3-hour journey by herself. She was in the room Heidi delivered baby Margot, the arrest affidavit said, according to ABC News.


Court documents stated that "immediately after Shane Carey's father was handed his grandchild, Magen Fieramusca interjected herself and asked to hold the newborn." Shane and Heidi gave Magen a key to their home, one which they never found again.

Magen stayed in the apartment until November 27 before returning to Houston. Carey told the police that Heidi told him on December 8 or 9 that Magen became a mom to a baby girl as well.

Carey saw her visibly pregnant but Magen's ex-boyfriend Christopher Green, who was supposed to be the father, "never saw Magen Fieramusca's bare stomach during the pregnancy," but he believed her. They lived together even though they were not together.


However, the details didn't add up when Magen was being investigated for the disappearance of Heidi and baby Margot. After Heidi dropped her son off at an elementary school on December 12, she and her daughter, Margot, went missing, according to CNN.


It was found through surveillance video that a car that looked like Magen's headed towards Heidi's home in Austin and her phone also pinged near Heidi's home the day she went missing. A week later, Heidi's decomposed body was found in a duffel bag in a vehicle in Magen's home. 

Magen later told investigators that she gave birth on December 12 and went to a birthing center and she didn't remember its name. She claimed that she brought her baby home the same day.


The FBI had shown Christopher a poster of baby Margot when he went to buy baby products at a Target store, and he replied, "That's the baby at my house," according to the arrest affidavit.

On January 29, 2020, Magen was indicted by a grand jury in Travis County for kidnapping her 33-year-old friend and her newborn daughter and asphyxiated Heidi. Margot was reunited with her father and brother after being found at Magen's home.


Magen's bond has been set at $1 million for the capital murder charge and $100,000 on the kidnapping charge, according to CNN.

Her attorney, Brian Erskine, said, "Exculpatory and mitigating evidence has a shelf-life, and too many individuals in our criminal justice system have been delayed or denied this information. We cannot act to fairly and vigorously represent our Client when we start defending her with our hands tied and eyes blindfolded. Justice ought to be blind, not the defense."