Heartless Son Buries His Paralyzed Elderly Mother Alive In An Abandoned Grave For Three Days

Heartless Son Buries His Paralyzed Elderly Mother Alive In An Abandoned Grave For Three Days

The man's wife became suspicious and informed the police about it.

We would never expect a son to harm their own mother but some instances from around the world are just unimaginable and cruel. An elderly woman from China was buried alive by her son. Luckily, she survived despite not having water and food for three days.

The video footage of the incident showed the helpless mother being rescued from the grave. It has gone viral in Weibo, China's Twitter equivalent and people are shocked by the incident. They cannot believe the son's actions and were relieved that the helpless elderly parent was saved.


According to reports by the local media, Ma Mou put his 79-year-old mother in a trolley and took her out of her house on the evening of 2 May 2020. The next day, he arrived without the mother and the trolley. Zhang Mou, the man's wife was surprised when he returned alone.

She questioned him about her mother-in-law but the man did not manage to give her a proper response. The 58-year-old man told his wife that his mother had gone to visit some relatives. He continued that he had taken her to a person with a car and she was driven to the places she wanted to visit.

However, his wife was not convinced. Feeling something was fishy, she went to the Xinzhuang Police Station and filed a missing complaint. Reports by Too Fab stated that the elderly woman was paralyzed. The incident reported from Jingbian County, in the northwest of Shaanxi Province, China called in for immediate action. On being interrogated by the police, the man told them the lies that he had told his wife.


But when the police began pressurizing him for the truth, he was forced to reveal what he had actually done. He told the cops that he dumped his mother at an abandoned tomb situated inside a forest located south of Jingbian County.

As soon as he came clean, the police waited no longer. They rushed to the site and dug out the grave and brought the woman to safety. Fortunately, her body showed vital signs and even let out a faint cry when rescued. The police took her to the hospital as soon as she was excavated.

The footage showed four people. Two of them are seen carrying the woman and helping her from the grave. The people, who are likely to be officers are then seen covering the woman while she laid still. Though it is not aware why the man decided to commit such a grave action, he is not going to walk free that easily. His actions have incited anger and the man is charged with intentional homicide. The investigations are still going on. The helpless elderly woman is stable and safe.


However, the abandonment of the elderly is not a rare occurrence in China. While some are dumped by their children, others take their own lives after being left alone and miserable. According to the Globe And Mail-Times, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an elite research institution, says that the country with the largest population in the world will have the "greyest" society in the world by 2030. The National Working Commission also said that about 500 million in the country are over 60 years old.