Heartbroken Dad Gets His Little Daughter's Last Drawing Tattooed As A Life-Long Tribute After Her Death

Heartbroken Dad Gets His Little Daughter's Last Drawing Tattooed As A Life-Long Tribute After Her Death

One father inspired many others across the internet after he got a tattoo to hold to the memories of his little girl forever.

Parents love their children so much that they dream of being part of their life, be it during good or bad times. Therefore, not being able to partake in that journey is heartbreaking to any parent. It is even more painful when you lose them to death. All you want to do at such a point is to keep their memory alive whether it is through their pictures, clothes or even the toys they played with. One father who was heartbroken by her daughter's death did the sweetest thing to keep her memory close to his heart. 

According to Reddit, a man lost his little daughter and was in so much pain. He wanted to pay tribute to her and did the most adorable thing that tear up the toughest hearts. The father tattooed the last picture his little daughter gave him on his body. The tattoo showed a little girl with her father with tiny hearts. The image of the father with the tattoo holding his daughter's drawing went viral immediately. People all over social media were touched by the father's act to keep a life-long memory of his little girl.


"Makes me cry every time I see this post, I can't imagine the pain this man has gone through after the death of this little girl," commented one on Reddit. "It's a beautiful tribute to his daughter's memory," wrote another Reddit user. Love how well the man's tattoo captured his daughter's drawing too. "Seems like a perfect memory for her," another person. Some even commented on the size of the tattoo. "I bet he wishes it were even bigger. Big enough that it surrounds him and he is the same size as the figure in the drawing and he could just slip in and take its place and then so could his daughter and they'd be back together again," said another user.


While all of them shared their appreciation for the father and his gesture, others talked about their personal experiences. "We lost our baby a week before he was supposed to be born. Total surprise as well, since we'd just gone in for a final checkup and everything was fine. But even worse, due to how it happened we can no longer have any biological children," wrote one emotional parent.

Many remembered their loved ones and spoke of how much they went through after their death. As the image spread across different platforms, some followed the father's footsteps by getting inked in memory of their deceased kids.