This Day 22 Years Ago: Images Of Diana's Funeral That Show Why She'll Always Remain The People's Princess

This Day 22 Years Ago: Images Of Diana's Funeral That Show Why She'll Always Remain The People's Princess

Diana was loved around the world. Her death sent shockwaves across the world, causing intense pain. People flocked to London to pay their tribute to the late princess.

Princess Diana was larger than life from the day she became part of royalty. She was loved like no other and had a persona that was admired by the public. They did not look at her just as a princess but as a compassionate, kind and humble human being living in their midst to promote what she believed in. They thought of her as one of her own. So when the news of her death hit the masses, it was heartbreaking, not just to the people of Britain but to millions across the globe. There were no words to express their grief and sorrow and once again, it was clear why she was and will always be known as the people's princess.


Princess Diana was killed in a road accident in Paris on 31st August 1997. Thousands flocked to Kensington and Buckingham Palaces to show their respect to the late princess. They brought in flowers, cards, and posters to express their love for the princess whom they adored. While it was evident that her loss affected the public, nobody imagined its scale until the day of her funeral. Reportedly three million people gathered on the streets of London to pay tribute to the princess. The streets were filled with mourners who could not hide their unspeakable pain.


While many cried out loud, some had tears in their eyes as they witnessed the procession carrying her coffin, accompanied by her family, especially young Harry, and William. Celebrities and dignitaries flew in from around the globe and around 2.5 billion people from across the world viewed or listened to her funeral proceedings. On 6 September 1997, they bide farewell to their princess but even after 22 years of her death, they still cherish her with admiration. Here are a few heart-wrenching images from Lady Diana's funeral:

1.People paying tribute in front of Kensington Palace 


2. Crowd paying their respects as Diana's coffin was taken to Westminster Abbey


3. Princes Harry and William, accompanied by Prince Charles, Prince Philip along with Diana's brother, Earl Spencer walking behind the procession


4. Man breaking down in pain at the loss of the princess


5. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip outside the Buckingham palace 


6. People gathered to bide farewell


7. Posters outside the palace gates 


8. Grieving people on the streets 


9. Prince William and Prince Harry grieving the loss of their mother 


10. Welsh guards carrying the coffin into the church 


11. Elton John singing "Candle in the Wind" at the funeral service


12. Mourners on the street


13. Diana's brother giving a eulogy to his late sister


14. Diana's coffin en route to Westminster Abbey


15. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg at the funeral service


16. The streets filled with people who love their princess


17.  People in pain on the streets


18. A note on the gate


19. Thousands of funeral flowers


20. Procession through the streets