7 Painful Experiences That Pushed You To Be Strong And Changed Who You Are

7 Painful Experiences That Pushed You To Be Strong And Changed Who You Are

The moments you wish to erase from your memory forever, those are the moments that built you stronger and more confident in yourself.

There are some memories that you look back at and instantly smile because of how happy you felt at that moment. Then there are also others that crush you with pain when you remember them, wishing there was something you could do to erase them. But those are the very moments you need to be proud of. Those were the times you thought you could never move on, but having overcome those experiences is what is helping you stand strong today. If you have been through these experiences and moved on, you know that you're a strong woman.

1. Having your trust broken by the person you trusted the most

Nobody puts their trust in enemies. You put your trust in people you love and that's why you feel so betrayed when they break it. Whether it was a best friend or the love of your life, you may have given the relationship your heart and soul. And seeing them betray you was extremely difficult to go through. But that's how you learned to read people and now, you don't easily give your trust away to people who aren't worth it.

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2. Abruptly losing someone you loved to death

You may never have thought that this person would ever be taken away from you. But the day you heard that they passed away was one of the most difficult ones you had to experience. You miss having them in your life, you miss listening to their voice, and you always imagine how life would be if they were still around. You understood that grief may never go away. But you hold on to their memories and you try to live each day the way they would have wanted you to live — happy and complete.

3. Being made to feel like your thoughts and needs don't deserve attention

If you've grown up with a toxic parent or you've had to share a relationship with someone manipulative, you may have always been forced to feel like everything you say is not worth listening to. It may have crushed your confidence at the time, but eventually, you learned how to stand up for yourself and not be afraid to ask for what you want, say what you're feeling out loud, and most importantly, say "no" when you feel like it.

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4. Having felt alone even when you're surrounded by people

Loneliness can be a very strange feeling and you may have felt it the most during the times you were surrounded by people. When you feel so misunderstood and lost in a room full of people, it showed you that you were connecting with the wrong people. And that's why you turned things around. Now, you have filled your life with people you can trust and who you can genuinely connect with.

5. Having to cut out a toxic family member without the guilt or shame

For all those times people told you that family is meant to be kept close, you had an experience where a family member was being irrational and toxic towards you. While you may have lived with it for a long time, you finally decided that you're not going to allow them to fill your life with toxicity anymore. You may have questioned whether you're doing the right thing, but with time, you say that just because they are your sister, cousin, uncle, or even father, there's no reason why you should feel guilty or ashamed for doing what's best for you.

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6. Having to heal from the wounds left by someone abusive

They may have been your first love or you may have thought they were your soulmate at the time. You may have dreamt of spending the rest of your life with them, but you saw that they were hurting you over and over again. You may have thought that you don't have the strength to walk away from an abusive relationship or thought that you would never move on from it. But you did. Even though it took you time to mend the emotional scars, you held on to the hope. And today, you look back at it as another storm that you were strong enough to overcome.

7. Having others make you feel like you're not good enough

"You're too sensitive"

"You don't deserve love"

"You're too thin/fat/ugly"

For so long, you heard those cruel words echo inside your head. People projected their own insecurities onto you and made you feel like you're not good enough when they were the ones who were actually too weak. But you finally stood up for yourself and mustered the courage to shut those voices down. It took you time to love yourself but you were able to see that you're enough, you're perfect, you're beautiful as you are. By giving yourself the love, you were able to attract more love from the right people into your life.

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