People Are Utterly Confused About This Picture of A Dog Seemingly With No Head and Are Wondering Where It Went

People Are Utterly Confused About This Picture of A Dog Seemingly With No Head and Are Wondering Where It Went

The dog with no head is making people lose their own.

In our world of picture-perfect selfies and photographs, there are some images that we come across that make us do a double-take with how absurd they are. When we see these pictures, it's like our brain is trying to process it but isn't exactly succeeding at it. One such... riveting picture has appeared on the internet and it is confusing a lot of people. It has them glued to their screens trying to make heads or tails of what they're seeing. But whether or not they truly understand the image, it's certainly igniting their imagination. 

For one person, it appeared to be a picture of "a meat sack with legs" while another described it as a "headless mutant dog enjoying the sunny weather." While it may have intrigued a lot of people, some might not feel the same way. Be warned... this image doesn't seem to be for the faint-hearted.

Shared on Reddit by user Fatchine, their title, Three-legged dog licking his back, still didn't help viewers comprehend what they're seeing. And for those who went straight to the picture after ignoring the headline, well, they might not have been able to escape the headache it may have caused. After all, they still had a head which could ache but where on Earth did the dog's head go?!

Source: Reddit (Photo by u/Fatchine)

Either way, the comment section was a circus of humor. 

"My first thought was, 'why is there a meat sack with legs and how is it alive,'" said one person to which another user hilariously responded, "Hey man that's my first thought when I look in the mirror each morning amirite?" (slightly off-topic but still sort of relatable.)

Another Reddit user seemed terrified of what appeared to be a cursed image. They said, "Mom can you come pick me up, I’m scared." One person wrote, "I have never been this confused" while another said, "Thank you for the nightmares." One person even questioned their own intelligence: "Wait am i stupid or why does the dog not have a head. I am actually sitting here 5 minutes to figure out the picture."

Of course, there were some kind folks who tried to make the image slightly more digestible, to say the least, by adding their own eyes to the dog's torso.

Source: Imgur


Source: Imgur

While this attempt was nice, it still didn't help people understand just what was going on in this picture. One person even had their own theory about how this picture would be used. They said, "This will make its rounds on facebook with some bullshit under it," before writing, "Meet Rocko. Neighborhood kids bullied him by throwing rocks and when he decided to bite back, a kid’s father intervened. He grabbed a machete, and CHOPPED Rocko’s head off. The crazy thing is, the brain stem was still attached to the spine and Rocko was able to live, HEADLESS! His owner’s rushed him to the hospital and the only hope they had was to sew him up like this and feed him through IVs. Now Rocko still LOVES to play outside. Like and share if you believe Rocko should get justice! And comment below if you think God intervened and believe in Him!"

However, after much discussion, when one user wrote, "Seriosuly(sic) it's been hours now where is that person that does a little sketch and explains what's really going on?" they got a proper response. A Redditor posted a sketch of how the dog would actually look if the camera weren't aimed in such a way.

Source: Imgur

Another person took the time out to verbally explain the pose. "Front right leg is the one missing. Dog's head is stretched/bent over to the left to lick his back. Shot is taken with a focus on where the leg was amputated, with the dog's body hiding his head from view," they said.

While this finally cleared up netizens' confusion, some of them were worried about the dog. To put their minds at ease (finally), the original poster put up a picture of their dog with their head visible. 

Source: Imgur

Phew! Thank god this looks nothing like the initial image. This is proof that the dog in question is actually a cutie and not a headless sack of meat.