Groom Dumps Bride on Wedding Day After His Mother Says That She Is “Short and Ugly”

Groom Dumps Bride on Wedding Day After His Mother Says That She Is “Short and Ugly”

The mother hadn't seen the bride until the wedding day and declared that she is unappealing for her son.

A guy dumped his bride when his mother saw her for the first time during the wedding ceremony and said that she is "short and ugly." According to reports, the groom's mother had only seen images of her soon-to-be daughter-in-law and had never met her in person before the wedding, reports Yabaleft

She was disgusted by her physical looks when she saw her at the wedding and stated she is too short and unappealing for her son. She then told her son to call off the wedding because she couldn't let him marry the Tunisian woman, Lamia Al-Labawi. 

Photos from the beginning of the event show bride Lamia Al-Labawi beaming in her wedding gown as her fiance mops his brow in a dinner suit. Lamia shared her feelings on social media.
She stated on her blog that she is an "orphan" and that the wedding preparations had cost her a lot of money. She was really ashamed, she said, and she couldn't look people in the eyes after being rejected at the wedding since she could hear them talking and making side comments about her, per Mirror.




Following her experience, social media users expressed their support for her while also criticizing her fiance for not being by her side. Theatrical artist Hedi Mejri posted on Facebook, "A message to Lamia Al-Labawi, the bride whose husband ran away and left her and chose to complete the ceremony alone. I, Hedi Mejri, decided to write these words to you, and I hope they reach you."

He added, "With all love, I tell you to raise your head and face the world with all your strength. You did not lose a man. You lost whoever could be a curse in your life. You gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom." 




The hashtag #Lamia Al-Labawi trended on social media and her story drew widespread compassion in various Arab nations. The Tunisian bride appeared live on the Instagram platform, thanking everyone who reached out to her and appreciated all the support in this uncomfortable circumstance, per Newsunrolled. Many people expressed their distress on the incident, reports Legit. A Twitter user wrote, "Justice short girls like us this is playing sis don't cry over this God just save you from a stray bullet you wan marry mummy's boy you for hear am for their hand." 

Another user commented, "Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder …… she’s actually beautiful but not to him . Actually better now than never." 






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