Grease Star, Olivia Newton-John Talks About Life And Battling Cancer For The THIRD Time: "...God Had Other Plans"

Grease Star, Olivia Newton-John Talks About Life And Battling Cancer For The THIRD Time: "...God Had Other Plans"

The cancer came back for the third time but even that and a broken pelvis can't stop this positive woman.

Yes, she's an incredible singer. Yes, she filled the 1970’s with hits and went on to win four Grammy awards. Yes, she also played Sandy in the iconic film, Grease. But what people might not know about Olivia Newton-John is the great optimism and strength with which she carries herself.

For decades, she's been battling cancer. And yet, that old gorgeous smile has rarely ever faltered. It was all the way back in 1992 that the star first got her cancer diagnosis, according to People. And while she managed to beat it the first time around, the cancer reappeared in 2013, and this time around as well, she silently fought against it and came through. But that wasn't the end of it. The actress is currently in the middle of undergoing her treatment for stage 4 breast cancer Amidst her battle against cancer, Newton-John also underwent treatment for a fractured pelvis. But nothing was harsh enough to wipe away that evergreen smile on her face, and she eventually even released a book documenting her battles.


The book titled, Don't Stop Believin' is a memoir about Newton-John's rise to fame with grease and her battle with cancer. “I always felt empowered when I sang it,” she said when she spoke about her 1976 song after which her book is titled. The message is something close, “You’ll get by and bad days will hurry by — what could be more perfect?” she said. 

A couple of years ago when she revealed that she's taking treatment for metastatic breast cancer, her Grease co-star and close friend, John Travolta said, “Olivia has always been an incredible human being and an inspiration to millions of people. If we all put our intentions for her to get through this—I know her so well—she will feel it, and it will support her. We love her and she loves us,” as reported by People.


Even when her cancer came back for the third time, the actress wasn't ready to let the illness take over her life. But it's not that cancer didn't give her bad days. She ended up spending her 70th birthday undergoing radiation treatment in the hospital, but she was still able to see the bright side to it. “There were all these things I was going to do for my birthday,” she said. “But God had other plans.” She was perfectly fine having a quiet dinner with her loved ones while being treated at the hospital named after her, Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

“I never say ‘Why me?’ I was like, ‘Wow, I’m in my hospital that I’d dreamt of building for people to have rest and peace and there I was getting the best care.’ It was quite magical,” she said.


Cancer weakened her body and the pelvic fracture was caused because her bones lost its strength. But when she returned home from the hospital, she soon she started getting back on her feet. “I started on a walker, then a cane and now nothing,” Olivia said.

“Of course I had my moments, and my tears and all that,” she added. “But I have a wonderful husband who supports me through those things.” She's grateful for everything that life has given her, and said, “I believe you create your life by what you think. So you need to think in a positive way to create that in you, in your body and your life," as reported by Forbes. Through the years, her 'chin-up attitude' has always come through.


She always held on to the hope that things will be okay and that's been pushing her through her battle against cancer. "We all have our negative moments and our sad moments, but you have to keep that thread of belief that you’re going to be okay. None of us really know what time we have on this planet. It’s all a mystery and a gift. Just be grateful every day.”

Despite all the hardships of cancer, she still has a beautiful aura of positivity around her. And it's the biggest inspiration that anyone can take away from her life. She told HELLO!, "Staying positive and seeing good things ahead of you is really important to me and for anyone who’s going through cancer or any difficult illness."