Saddened By Watching His Grandkids Walk To School, Grandpa Buys A Bus So He Can Drop Them Off In "Grandfather Express"

Saddened By Watching His Grandkids Walk To School, Grandpa Buys A Bus So He Can Drop Them Off In "Grandfather Express"

Doug Hayes did not want to do the same things he did every year for the holidays. He wanted them to have a special Christmas this year.

Buying gifts for your loved ones involves a lot of thought behind it. We think of things they love and eventually chose what we feel is right for them, or simply something they would enjoy the most. One grandfather wanted the same for his kids. He wanted it to be a special Christmas. After spending a good amount of time thinking of the perfect gift, he finally made up his mind.

According to WTHR, Doug Hayes who is a grandfather to 10 grandchildren wanted to do something different this Christmas. He did not want his Christmas presents to be one of those that could fit under a tree. Neither did he want to follow their family tradition of gifting them every week till Christmas. "Every year, we make a big deal and every week coming into Christmas, advent, every week we give them a gift," said Hayes.


So, as Christmas approached, the grandfather looked for unique gift ideas. Finally, Hayes was convinced. On the day of Christmas, the grandfather from Oregon surprised his grandchildren with something they never expected.


The grandchildren dressed in their Christmas pajamas are seen sitting at the entrance of their house waiting for their grandpa to reveal the present. The grandfather is then seen pulling over in a yellow school bus. The excited children run towards the school bus in surprise. They shouted in glee and expressed their shock. They never expected him to buy a bus for them. "It was a big surprise," said one while another commented," I was really stunned. I never expected him to buy a bus."

The kids go to a Christian school that does not have a bus service. Having had to walk to school everyday all this while, they're already excited to get to school in their "Grandfather Express." Not only did Doug's thoughtful present make their lives a little easier, but it's safe to assume that dropping them off and picking them up from school every morning would also bring them closer as a family.

The kids, however, are sure this lovely bus ride with the grandad would impress their schoolmates. "I think my friends are all gonna be stunned," said grandson Christian Hayes to WQAD. “I think they’re gonna say, ‘Wow, you get to ride a bus,’” said another grandkid.


For Hayes, the bus is about creating memories with his little ones. "I thought, 'gee whiz, maybe there's some way that I can give them a memory that will last all their life,'" explained the grandpa. He added, “Well, there is a sense of pride and excitement. I thought, who does this? This is crazy. So, we’re so excited about it and it’s something that we are hopeful they’ll carry into their lives.”