Grandma Gets Her Feet Stuck In Grandson's Sex Toys After She Mistakes Them For Thermal Socks

Grandma Gets Her Feet Stuck In Grandson's Sex Toys After She Mistakes Them For Thermal Socks

The hilarious incident was shared on Twitter by the 21-year-old Japanese man and as expected, it soon went viral.

To our grandparents, we will always be the innocent babies they had to teach everything to. From watching us crawl in our onesies to graduating school and college they never get used to the fact that we will one day not be the babies they think we are. Even as we grow into our own people, there are some things we hope our family never finds out about is. It may be a normal part of growing up but how does one break it to grandparents that their grandchildren have now moved on from playing with baby toys to more mature pursuits and are now owners of adult toys? That is a conversation no one wants to have.

Unfortunately for one man in Japan, he was forced to have this very awkward conversation with his sweet grandma. It may have been awkward but it was also a hilarious situation that he was kind enough to share with the rest of the world. User @analKABAO took to Twitter to share how his grandma had discovered his sex-toy stash and the unfortunate events that followed. The tweets obviously went viral and the original tweet has over 204k likes and has been retweeted more than 67k times.



In the tweets, he explained how his grandma came up to him and asked for a pair of socks to keep her feet warm. He told her that she could borrow a pair from his room. The sweet old lady went to his room and chanced upon a pair of her grandson's fleshlight. Having no idea what they actually were and instead, assuming they were thermal socks she proceeded to pull them over her feet. She then started getting ready for bed when the man spotted his sex toys on his grandma's feet. He even shared pictures of the innocent lady in her pajamas and in bed with the pink silicon "socks." 



He now had to have the painful conversation of letting her know what she was wearing, in fact, was not socks and that she had to take it off. But things got even more interesting now. The make-shift fleshlight was stuck to the poor old lady's feet. The grandson had to now take on the difficult task of pulling his sex toy off his grandma's feet. "When I was 21 years old, I did not think it would be possible to pull 'onahole' from my grandmother’s foot," he wrote in a tweet and even attached a video of him trying to peel the sex toy off while giggling the whole time. Onahole is what the sex toy is known as in Japan. The video has over four million views.



After he managed to get it off somehow, he wanted to give it a go as well. "I decided to wear onahole socks. But it's too dangerous...," the man tweeted and attached a video of him wearing the sex toys on his feet and trying to walk around. But in the end, he slips and falls down because the silicon was sliding across the smooth wooden flooring. After the eventful events involving the fleshlights, the man wanted nothing more than to give them away, as one would expect. It is unknown if the fleshlight is new or not but he wanted to give them away. He joked to his followers that it was theirs for the taking since it was "still warm," according to the Daily Mail. It may take some time before he will look at another onahole the same way again.