Sweet Grandpa Who Went To Buy Mother's Day Gift For His Wife Of 64 Years Gets Attacked In Broad Daylight

Sweet Grandpa Who Went To Buy Mother's Day Gift For His Wife Of 64 Years Gets Attacked In Broad Daylight

An elderly man wanted to surprise the love of his life on Mother's Day. He was on his way back with his gift when something unexpected happened.

Falling in love and growing old with our loved one is a dream. However, it is a reality for others. For some nothing changes over the years, nor the wrinkles or the hairless scalp reduced their admiration and romance. In fact, it just increased more than their youth days. Their love bloomed and blossomed into something limitless and unconditional. Such is the love between 88-year-old Robert Rodriguez and his wife.

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Married for 64 years, Rodriguez is not like some husbands who forget their wife's birthday and their anniversary. The elderly man even remembered to honor the mother of his children on Mother's Day. He wanted to show his wife gratitude for having his children and taking care of them as a great mother. So, the 88-year-old wanted to gift her something special. However, the trip to the store did not turn out to be as fine as he thought.

According to ABC news, the elderly man went out in the morning to run errands like usual. Keeping Mother's Day in mind, he went to and brought his lovely wife new pajamas. However on the way back. Rodriguez was attacked by a man who demanded his wallet.


The old man, who couldn't believe his eyes was very afraid. "I was still in the car when this guy appeared from someplace and put a gun in my side and asked for my wallet. I pretended I didn't understand. Finally, he told me to get out of the car give me your keys; give me your keys," said Rodriguez to ABC news.

Frightened by the attacker, the elderly man gave up his keys. However, the attacker knocked him down leaving him with bruises on his elbow. 


"He could've shot," said Rodriguez who is grateful that nothing more serious happened to him than that. He is also relieved that he can present his wife with his hand-picked pajamas. He said, "I went this morning and got them."