Goldie Hawn Says "Nobody Loves Like" Like Kurt Russel, Who Embraced Her Kids Like His Very Own From The Day They Met

Goldie Hawn Says "Nobody Loves Like" Like Kurt Russel, Who Embraced Her Kids Like His Very Own From The Day They Met

Goldie Hawn and her children paid tributes to Kurt Russell on Father's Day on social media.

When a woman with children from the previous relationship falls in love, she is often worried of how her new partner would be with her kids. While many partners fail to establish a relationship with the kids, some make it a priority. Goldie Hawn was lucky to find such a man after her failed relationships. Her partner, Kurt Russell not only filled the shoes of a partner but also of a father. Without thinking twice, he accepted Hawn's daughter and son as his very own. 

On the occasion of Father's Day, the actress acknowledged her partner for being such a gem in her life. According to People, she wrote, “Nobody laughs like him and nobody loves like him ❤️ Happy Father’s Day to you my angel." The 74-year-old even posted an adorable selfie of the two.

Hawn's children, Kate and Oliver too paid tributes to Russell on Father's Day. Kate wrote, "I love him to pieces ❤️ Happy Fathers Day to our Pa," on Instagram.  Meanwhile, Oliver posted a throwback family picture and wrote, "Mr. Russell, AKA PA.. you swooped in and completed our family. I was 6.. fearful and uncertain, and you taught me confidence and independence.."


Hawn and Russell got together in 1983 after their share of failed relationships. Both Hawn and Russell had children from their previous relationships, however, that didn't stop them from their romantic journey of more than 30 years. Russell embraced Hawn's kids, Oliver, and Kate Hudson.

In fact, Russell's behavior around her children was the main reason that made her fall in love with him. "It was the first time she brought him to the house, it wasn't the first date. Mom said that's when she fell in love with Kurt – right away was because she brought him back to the house and we had already been asleep, and we shared a room... and he sat down next to each of us, he sat down next to you first and watched you sleep and then came by," said Kate Hudson, according to USA Today.


The incident showed Hawn that Russell valued family and would always be considerate of her children. That was the beginning of their blended family. Though Russell and Hawn never tied the knot, Oliver and Kate looked up to him as their father.

They called him their "pa" and loved him for being there when their father, Bill Hudson abandoned them. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Kate said, "[Bill Hudson] doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall. But I don’t care. I have a dad [Russell]. The bottom line is, you call your kids on their f**king birthday. I’m glad I had a dad who was there on my birthday," according to Huffington Post.


On several occasions, Kate recalled her childhood memories with Russell. "Kurt was great with that stuff when we were growing up. He is so honest, so brutally honest. I love him so much; he is just a great guy. He is an original. He doesn't buy into things," said the actress about her Pa. She even talked about how he guided her through her career.

When Russell and Kate starred in a movie together, she was asked if she was nervous to act alongside her mother's partner. Kate responded saying, "No, because it's my dad. It's more like I think what would be harder is in the future if we have to do a scene where—there will at some point be something in a serious scene where he'll strike me as funny and I won't be able to get out of it. That makes me more concerned, because I—I'm hard to get back, like once I start to laugh, it takes a bit... I know my dad's gonna to do it to me!" according to EOnline.


Apart from being a father to Kate and Oliver, Russell also took up the role of a grandfather. Kate often posts pictures of Russell spending time with her children. "Grandma and Grandpa duty...or should I say Mr. and Mrs. Claus," wrote the 41-year-old with a picture of her mother and pa with her baby. Russell's approach to Hawn's children and grandchildren is exemplary.