When Gloria Vanderbilt Spoke About Her Romance With Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, And A Much Older Howard Hughes

When Gloria Vanderbilt Spoke About Her Romance With Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, And A Much Older Howard Hughes

Gloria Vanderbilt was a bold woman who talked about her love life. From her teens till her death, the legendary socialite dated and married some famous and influential men.

Born into one of the wealthiest families in America, Gloria Vanderbilt was in the public eye even before she established herself as a designer, fashion icon, author and artist. The woman, who had a childhood of luxury and fame was also quite prominent for her astonishing and extraordinary love life when she was just a teen. The legendary socialite not only enjoyed a fabulous romantic life, but was also quite open and unapologetic about it. Gloria, who had been married four times, never tried to hide her romantic relationships, many of which included some huge names in Hollywood.

In 2004, the heiress released a tell-all book about her romances, It Seemed Important at the Time: A Romance Memoir. The then 80-year-old told CBS that she still had enough material to fill "maybe 10 more." Gloria who grew up in the 40s was part of the elite who mingled very closely with the glittering stars of Hollywood. She revealed that she had numerous relationships with famous men like that sometimes during sleepless nights she would count her number of ex-lovers instead of sheep. Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, Marlon Brando are just a few among them.


Gloria was just seventeen years old when she fell for the business tycoon and producer Howard Hughes."I opened the door, and there, standing before me, was a very tall, very thin, very very sensitive-looking man who made me weak in the knees," recalled Gloria in a conversation with her son in the book, The Rainbow Comes and Goes. Gloria who initially visited him with her mother was invited back by Howard to discuss a screen test. However, instead of the screen test that was scheduled, the two started dating. "When I knew him, he was thirty-six, wildly romantic, and gentle, yet he had the power to rule the world," said Gloria quoted Daily Mail. Gloria who was head over heels for the man spent several evenings with him. Though Howard too shared the same feelings, he never proposed to her and the relationship soon died off.

Gloria who later got married to Pat DeCicco cherished her moments with Howard. Years later she said that she had never liked anybody like Howard.


In 1955, she met Frank Sinatra who had recently been divorced. Though their love lasted only three weeks, Gloria remembers that he made her feel very important. She said that the iconic singer was the most amazing person she had met in her life. "As a lover, he made me believe I was the most important person in the world to him," said Gloria quoted Daily Mail. She told CBS that her days with the charming Frank Sinatra were quite romantic and a lot of fun.


Gloria who had a long list of lovers also shared her very fling with the Hollywood heartthrob Marlon Brando. She recalled him having a large portrait of himself in the bedroom and told Andy Cohen in an interview that he was not what she had expected.

“This is a very personal thing. To someone else he would have been called or was, I’m sure, called a great lover. It depends on the person and how you chemically react to them. I saw his movie On the Waterfront and I had formed this fantasy about him, that he was this sensitive, extraordinary human being that was just waiting for me to meet him, and that it was going to be fantastic. And then when I did, he wasn’t of course at all like I expected him to be. He was just totally different. Well, he was a great actor, so … ” said Gloria recalling her one night stand with the actor.


Gloria enjoyed the life that she had. While it may be shocking to people, the woman has also been through some sensational family dramas and tragedies. Gloria who did not have a good relationship with her mother said that she was in a life long search for love. Eventually, she did find the love of her life, author Wyatt Emery Cooper to whom she remained married till his death.