Watch Adorable 8-YO-Girl With Down Syndrome Befriend A Homeless Man—The Usually Non-Verbal Child Starts Singing With Him

Watch Adorable 8-YO-Girl With Down Syndrome Befriend A Homeless Man—The Usually Non-Verbal Child Starts Singing With Him

Though born with a congenital condition that made verbal communication difficult, when Neveah found a friend in a stranger, the symphony they created left many with a smile.

Being able to verbally communicate is something that many take for granted. We rely on being able to convey our needs through our words for the most part. Sharing our thoughts and emotions comes easily to us, so when we are not able to express it, it throws us for a loop. But this little girl is sorted and she shows us that she doesn't need words to reach people's hearts. Thankfully, Western Journal shares her story.

Neveah Philips is an 8-year-old girl from South Carolina. Born with Down Syndrome, one of the most severe effects the congenital condition is that Phillips is essentially unable to speak. But her recent encounter with a homeless man resulted in a beautiful interaction that will warm your heart and make you smile.


Neveah's mother Kimberly B. Phillips, posted a video of Neveah singing with a homeless man in Columbia.

It all started when Kimberly and Neveah had made a visit to a church that was providing food for several displaced Allen Benedict Court apartment residents. Their task was to help out in feeding those residents. It was there that the pair met a homeless man, Teiyon. Even with her lack of verbal communication, Neveah was able to befriend him.

Soon enough, Teiyon was cradling her in his arms and singing a soulful gospel song to her. He sang "I Understand" by Smokie Norful which talks about how he feels like giving up and believes that he is never good enough.


“Sometimes I feel like giving up,” he sang. “It seems like my best just ain’t good enough.

“Lord, if You hear me, I’m calling You. Do You see, do You care all about what I’m going through?”

Witnessing this beautiful moment was one thing but like the unique girl that she is, Neveah made it even more remarkable. While Teiyon was serenading her, she even managed to sing bits of the song with him. For someone who is usually non-verbal, this attempt will be sure to tug at your heartstrings. Not surprisingly, this heart-warming moment went viral on the internet garnering over 1 million views.

Kimberly was so stunned and touched by the impact that this special interaction between the two people who were complete strangers had created. She felt like she had to let Teiyon know about this. When she did locate him and tell him how their moment resonated with people across the world, he smiled and congratulated Neveah on what they had achieved together.


She said in her Facebook post, “He was in shock, and he read the comments with a big smile on his face! You all have given him so much hope today! He leaned down to Nevaeh and said…look what we did.’”

With pride, Kimberly said that Neveah may not have verbal abilities, “but her actions speaks louder than words.” “Even around Christmas, she dresses as an elf and passes out candy to people in the community,” she said. “People are just in awe of her personality.” Even with Teiyon, Kimberly mentions that “Love made her [Neveah] do it."

This is not the first time that Neveah has had an impact on people. Kimberly says that her daughter has a gift for those who need her. Anyone who meets Neveah never regrets the experience and are always left with a big smile on their face. Having seen the influence her loving spirit has, Kimberly coined the phrase "let your acts be your impacts".


“She just knows how to draw a crowd - she just has a gift,” Kimberly said. “I am just glad everyone has seen it and it’s gone viral - I just wanted to inspire."

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