Cancer-Stricken Girl Excited About Her Dream Holiday Is Left Heartbroken After Insensitive Man Scams Family Of Their Money

Cancer-Stricken Girl Excited About Her Dream Holiday Is Left Heartbroken After Insensitive Man Scams Family Of Their Money

Skype was excited to travel with her family after all that she had gone through. But the poor girl and her family lost all the money to a man who promised them a great holiday together.

It is unfortunate to see people take advantage of others, especially those who are already going through tough times in life. A little girl with a rare form of cancer was looking forward to a vacation with her family. But the holiday that was supposed to give her the boost to battle the deadly disease never took shape, all thanks to the selfish deeds of a complete stranger.


According to Mirror Online, Skye Brierley, a six-year-old girl battling cancer, and her family were reportedly scammed by a man who claimed that he was the owner of two static caravans at a holiday park in Butlin. The family who trusted the man transferred the money only to realize that they would never get to have the dream vacation that little Skye was excited about. "How much bad luck can one family have? When I realized we had been scammed, I was absolutely distraught," said Ruth, mum-of-three.


Soon the family filed a case against the so-called owner. "The case is currently being assessed by the City of London Police's National Fraud Intelligence Bureau," said a spokesman for the City of London Police. They informed that the owner claimed that he been the victim of the scam himself. He also said that he had not taken any money from Skye and her family. He even added that the caravan did not belong to him anymore. The claims made by the man are being investigated by the police.



Skye was diagnosed with the deadly disease after she woke up cross-eyed one morning. Doctors found that the young girl who had just finished the treatment for another rare cancer, Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, had a fist-sized brain tumor that was caused due to her previous treatments.

Heartbroken by the news, but determined to make sure Skye had a fighting chance, her family went forward with the treatments. The young girl underwent several rounds of chemo in the UK and was then taken to Florida for a proton beam therapy. Completing her treatments, Skye had shown great improvement and her family thought that it was a great idea to take a trip with their daughter who was not allowed to travel during the illness.



So Ruth contacted the man and made bookings for their holiday. She along with another family member later transferred  £1,700 to the man. However, soon after the transfer was made, they could not contact him again.

"Skye is absolutely gutted too. I think it is absolutely disgusting, it's the fact that he has done it to a little girl who has been fighting cancer. You see it happening to other people, you don't expect it to happen to you," said Ruth to Mirror Online.

The poor mother made multiple attempts to contact the man however failed to get hold of him. After they filed the complains, the family who wanted to take their cancer-stricken daughter for a holiday started a fundraiser hoping to get money for a holiday.