Man Yells At 4-YO In Wheelchair Calling Her A "Drain On Society" & "She Should've Been Aborted" | She Now Fears Men & Doesn't Get Out

Man Yells At 4-YO In Wheelchair Calling Her A "Drain On Society" & "She Should've Been Aborted" | She Now Fears Men & Doesn't Get Out

"It was appalling. The man was yelling in her face, saying she shouldn’t have been born," her mother shared.

Nobody should have to worry about facing any kind of abuse when they step out of the house, especially a child, who can be negatively affected by every word they hear and every sight they see, possibly carrying the fear with them as they grow up.

A little girl named Quinn Ross, just four years old, was left traumatized by the hurtful words of a stranger when she was on her way to school for the sole reason that she was sitting in a wheelchair. The incident was later reported by Herts Police, who mentioned Quinn suffers from Perthes’ disease, which is a rare condition affecting the top of the thigh bone in the hip joint.


The four-year-old was subjected to verbal abuse by a stranger, who yelled at her when she was in an alleyway on her way to school.

Her mother was with her at the time and said, "It was appalling. The man was yelling in her face, saying she shouldn’t have been born, she was a drain on the NHS, a drain on society, and that I should have had her aborted if I’d known she was going to be disabled."

The 32-year-old mother went on to say, "I pushed him away, power-walked off to school and it was the school who phoned the police."


No loving parent can bear to see their children be in a situation where they are told that they don't deserve to live. Emma talked about the impact that the abusive man left on her daughter and said, "Quinn is now scared of men and doesn’t like going out in her wheelchair. It left her feeling very angry at the world, but we’ve had a lot of support. I wasn’t going to call the police but I’m so glad we did. PC Holden and all the officers have been fantastic, rallying around."

When Quinn was given the chance for a free and fun family outing, the young girl decided to put it to better use. "They organised a family ticket for Paradise Wildlife Park for her but she’s donated it to the raffle of a fundraising event we’re holding this weekend," shared Emma.


Along with her mother, Quinn also lives with her three brothers, 11-year-old Tom, 10-year-old Alex, and 7-year-old Oscar, in Cheshunt, UK. And during the incident, Alex was the one pushing the little girl's wheelchair, and he, too, was left horrified by what happened to them. Both Quinn and Alex have received adequate support to help them put the incident behind.

Some day, Quinn may be able to walk, but now it causes her a lot of pain. Her mother said, "Long-term hopefully Quinn will not need to use a wheelchair, but currently she can only walk 10-15 steps and is in a lot of pain."


"The support Quinn and my son have had from the police has been amazing," Emma added. "We decided we didn’t want to prosecute but I’m so glad we reported the incident. I would recommend anyone who is victim of a hate crime to report it to the police."

A number of people who heard about Quinn's story showed their support to her and sent her love.






The offense, which took place in October 2019, was classified as a disability hate crime. "A hate crime is when someone is targeted because of their disability or learning difficulties, race, religion, beliefs or sexuality," said PC Terasa Holden, Broxbourne hate crime officer. "No-one should worry about leaving home and facing abuse, particularly a little girl who is in too much pain to walk to school because of a rare medical condition."


Seeing the trauma it left her child with, Emma started a petition on change.org, titled Quinn’s law - to educate children about hate crime. The site says, "The idea for Quinn’s law is that if we can educate children about hate crime and the consequences it causes the victims of hate crime," Emma wrote. "We would like schools to speak to students regarding these types of crimes. That it isn’t a shame to pick up the phone and call the police."