Little Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Inconsiderate Woman Sprays Water & Destroys Her Chalk Drawings

Little Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Inconsiderate Woman Sprays Water & Destroys Her Chalk Drawings

The girl's mother stated that the woman had targeted her kid many times.

Adults often tell children not to act silly but sometimes we are left shocked when the same adults decide to act childish. One woman harassed a little girl and she was criticized by people all across social media.

According to the video posted on Reddit, the woman dubbed as "Sidewalk Susan" by the internet is seen spraying water at a chalk art made by a little girl. The girl, distraught by the woman's action, is seen crying helplessly while her mother speaks to the woman. However, the woman seemed unbothered by the crying. She continued to erase the drawing with water.


"This neighbor stood on her balcony and stared us down, then came out with her f—ing hose to hose down our chalk drawings. She didn't tell us it was against condo rules nothing!!!" wrote the mother of the girl on Imgur. The mother further added that the woman refused to open her doors when someone went to confront her.

The video attracted a lot of comments. Most of them could not understand why a woman would bother an innocent child. "This must have to be some miserable, old crusty hag to treat child like that," wrote one woman on Reddit. "That woman has been inside and alone most of her life. What a loser," wrote another woman.

"Seriously. The joy of a kid something to behold. They haven’t been beaten down by the world yet and are just all about the good stuff. Imagine living such a shit life that you’ll spend time to ruin a kids joy over absolutely nothing. That was big ass chalk drawing too, probably took the kid all day. That bitch says 'we don’t want to look at this mess' well then don’t look at the f**king parking lot lady," wrote one angry user. 


However, the mother later stated that she thinks the woman has some issues with her family. She added that she has noticed the woman poking her nose into their business with no reason at all.

"This lady has some issues with us. Yesterday the neighbor kid was out there drawing with chalk and she stayed inside. She messed with the wrong family," the mother said, according to Imgur. She further added, "Today she yelled at my daughter to shut up while she was playing outside."

Commentators were shocked by the woman's repeated attacks on the little girl. "This is unacceptable. This woman needs to be evicted. What is the landlord doing about this?" "Take your daughter out with pots and pans tomorrow," wrote another. 

Soon, the events became messy. The mother lost her temper and lashed out. She wrote, "I try really hard to keep a cool head ESPECIALLY with my child around. But today this salty, condo board b**ch left notices on people's door banning the kids from using the empty f**king parking lot, THEN I see her recording/taking pictures of me when I went to offer the neighbors some food bars and water because they're locked out. I try to compose myself when my kid is around."


At a time when her daughter was not around, the mother gave the woman what she deserves.  "I CUSSED her b!^@# a$$ out as she ran back inside her apartment. I'm DONE WITH THIS LADY."

Meanwhile, the viral video invited a lot of people to share their experiences of seeing kids drawing on the sidewalks. "I see a lot of shitty chalk pictures on the pavement in my street, but they make me smile regardless. Some kids spent ages drawing them, then proudly showing them off to their parents. It’s not permanent, it’ll disappear in the rain.  What kind of black, hateful heart do you have to have to go out and hose them off, let alone to do it while the kid is still there?!" wrote a woman on Reddit. Another wrote, " What is wrong with this woman?! The look on that girls face literally broke my heart."

Some even thought the woman would have been jealous of the kid having fun during the lockdown. "'This is a lockdown, children shouldn't be outside having fun on their own. They should be inside and alone like me' - that woman, probably."