Man Abandoned Wife & Newborn After Seeing Baby's Face Had Congenital Defect|They Haven't Seen Or Heard From Him Ever Since

Man Abandoned Wife & Newborn After Seeing Baby's Face Had Congenital Defect|They Haven't Seen Or Heard From Him Ever Since

Yaroslava Oleinik's mother worked hard and supported her. Her father did not even provide financial care.

Every child wants to be loved and wants to experience the love of their parent and so the feeling of being rejected by your own parent is heartbreaking. One child was forced to go through this heartache because her father could not accept her with the congenital condition she was born with.

Instead of holding her close, he decided to leave her with her mother. After growing up with an absent father, the girl is now determined to gain the attention of her father through music.


According to Mirror Online, Yaroslava Oleinik from Kazakhstan was born with congenital health issues. The young girl was born with no nose or left eye. Before her birth, her parents did not have any information on her condition. So, the couple was expecting a healthy child.

However, when she was born, her parents were startled. While her mother decided to raise her and love her, her father did not want to be a part of her life. He left her the day she was born and never returned or supported her throughout her life.

"My mother accepted my unusual look. She loves me and takes good care of me. My father left us right after seeing me in the maternity hospital. We have not seen him or heard from him ever since.'' said the girl, according to Mirror Online.


Her father was a truck driver and earned good money but the man chose to disown the child and the mother just because of the girl's condition. The helpless mother was left alone to take care of the girl on her own.

Oleinik is now 17 years old. Though she was abandoned by her father at birth, the girl hopes to meet him one day. She doesn't bear any grudges against him. All she hopes for is a friendly chat, a polite exchange of words.


The determined girl has been trying to reach out to him through social media. She even found his profiles but her father still refuses to respond to her. "I found his profiles and tried to contact him but he never messaged back," said the girl, according to Mirror Online.

She added that her decision was not supported by her mother as she thinks he would not want to establish a relationship with her. But none of those worries are stopping the girl. She claims she is curious and after all, they are related. 

''My mother says: 'Why are you doing this? He might not want to communicate with you…' But I'm curious how is he doing. He is my father after all," claimed Oleinik. according to Mirror Online.


With no response from her father, Oleinik was keen to capture his attention. And she believes her passion for music is the best option. According to her, achieving her dream of becoming a famous musician will gain her father's attention.

She started an Instagram account to post the videos of her routine rehearsals. Talking of her taste in music, she said, "I have been teaching myself guitar for ten years. I am fond of music. I love popular music, rap, and Russian chanson."

Though it is her passion, the ultimate motive is to make her father proud. "I dream of becoming a famous musician and make my father proud of me. Do I have haters? Always! They motivate me to work harder and be better," said the teenager.


She further went on to say that her appearance bothered her. She even wanted to change the way she looked. But over time, she learned to embrace it and move forward bravely. "In the past I wanted to change everything, starting from my hair. Then I calmed down and accepted myself. I have not had any nervous breakdowns since," said the young girl.

Her condition causes breathing difficulties and the girl often wakes up from her sleep gasping for air. The local media stated that the girl requires plastic surgeries to reconstruct her nose and restore its functions.