Fun Quiz: The Way You Cross Your Arms Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: The Way You Cross Your Arms Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Your body speaks out for you. All you need to do is listen.

Non-verbal communication is a major part of the way we express ourselves and it is also one of the ways in which our bodies reveal our state of mind. For example, your droopy shoulders indicate that you may be tired or you may be feeling sleepy. If there's a deep burrow on your eyebrows, it may indicate that you are thinking deeply or puzzled over something. A careful observation of the body may reveal things that you did not even know about yourself.

Let's take the example of crossing your arms. How do you cross your arms? Do you have the right, the left, or both your palms out when you cross them? What does it say about you?

1. Right hand out 

Right Hand Out

If you sit/stand and cross your arms with your right hand out then you are someone with a creative mind. You are a dreamer and a thinker. You are someone who has a deep understanding of human emotions and you are often the more sensitive one in the group in terms of empathy.

You are intuitive by nature and you know the value of creating something beautiful. You are the kind of person who instills the creative life in others and inspires them to be more than what they can ever be.

You are the kind of person who believes in old-school romance. You are loyal and your love is often deeper than your partner's. The fact that you feel emotions so deeply also makes you vulnerable towards them but you have learned how to handle your thoughts quite well.

2. Left hand out 

Left Hand Out

If you sit/stand with your left hand out while crossing your arms then you are a person who believes in the power of logic. You are smart and understand the flow of reason. You like to think for yourself, measure your options, and come to a conclusion in a well-defined scientific manner. This means that you are not the kind of gullible person who can be swayed easily.

You are also highly pragmatic in your approach to life. You are not a cold person but you do know the value of being sharp and attentive. Your attention to detail is, in fact, one of your strongest suits and you are hardly ever wrong with the choices you make.

You are someone who is complicated in their thoughts because nothing is black and white for you. You are the kind of person who solves problems, tackles issues, and has a layered personality that cannot be understood by everyone. You are an enigma of sorts, a wonder indeed!

3. Both hands out 

Both Hands Out

If you sit/stand with both your hands out while crossing your arms then you are someone with a warm and open personality. You have a friendly and jovial nature that rubs off brilliantly on other people. You are a calm and gentle person who is accessible to their friends.

You are the kind of person friends come to in their times of need because they know that their secrets are safe with you. You make them feel understood and never judge them. This is one of the qualities that inspire people to be like you.

Furthermore, you are the kind of person who exudes positivity and hope. At parties, you are the center of attraction and among friends, you are the glue that holds the group together. It is this incredible capability of yours to bring people together that makes you so popular, and you love being the person that you have become. Kudos!

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.