Fun Quiz: The Shape Of Your Fingertips Says A Lot About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: The Shape Of Your Fingertips Says A Lot About Your Personality

Your fingers speak volumes about you!

People can infer a lot about your personality based on your physical features. As reported by PsychologicalScience, our physical appearance, shape, and structure give out a first impression that can reveal a lot about the kind of people we are. Something as simple as the shape of our nails or the way we maintain them can also speak on our behalf and reveal things about our personality. But what do they say? Let's find out:

1) Pointed fingertip

sharp fingernail

If you have a sharp fingernail, then you are the kind of person who is quick-witted, alert, and highly observant. You are someone who pays attention to the details and is quick to a decision. It's not easy to fool you for your mind is always at work, thinking, analyzing, wondering, and is always prepared to take on difficult challenges. You have a personality that is meant to lead and you often find yourself in situations where you naturally become one.

Further, you do not like mincing your words and speak your mind without fear or favor. You would rather tell the harsh truth than sugarcoat a lie. You are the kind of person who believes in honesty and values loyalty over everything else. You are a sharp-shooter, in words and deeds. 

2) Square fingertip

square fingernail

If you have square fingernails then you have a personality that is careful, cautious, and discreet. You are someone who can take a secret and keep it. You have high organizational skills, at least in your mind, and you know how to juggle between thoughts. Your mind flows freely between different ideas connecting them, linking them, and creating something novel out of them. You may have an artistic flair but your real talents could be utilized as a detective or a spy. You are firm in your opinions and believe in standing by your beliefs which is more than one could say for normal people. You are a mystery, to say the least!

3) Shovel-shaped fingertip

shovel-shaped fingernail

If you have shovel-shaped fingernails then you are someone who doesn't like walking on roads most traveled, i.e. you are an explorer by nature and it is the unknown that pulls you towards itself. You are attracted to things that normal people may find weird but it is the sense of curiosity in you that propels you towards new discoveries. Your desire to explore new things, talk to new people, discover new ideas, and travel to new places is what makes your personality so incredibly charming. You would be a great artist if you put your mind to it because you have what it takes to create something new. You are an adventurer, a true pioneer!

4) Round fingertip

round fingernail

If you have round fingernails then you are the kind of person who believes in the wisdom of peaceful co-existence. You are not the kind of person to be bothered with a lot of trivial things because you understand that most of them are not highly relevant. You look for higher purpose in life like honesty in friendship, loyalty in a relationship, achievements in your profession, etc. Your idea of living revolves around having great friends and a great life and to worry less about things that you have no control over. This makes you practical, sharp, and wise. You are also the kind of person who is best suited for advisory roles because you can see things, the big picture, that most others cannot. You possess a very rare well-rounded personality. 



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.