We Don't Talk Everday But There Is No One Else I Would Call My Best Friend

We Don't Talk Everday But There Is No One Else I Would Call My Best Friend

We might not talk to them everyday but nothing changes the friendship and the love we share with them.

 I was never the one that made much noise. My presence was hard to notice because I was more like a shadow. I mostly kept to myself and took a while to feel comfortable with the people around me. I found it difficult to make a lasting connection. Sometimes, by the time I began a trusting friendship, it was time for me to bid farewell. Packing bags often didn't help me make friends and so I never knew what it was like to have a best friend I could call my soulmate. But soon, life changed for the best.

When I was in 6th grade, I found her. I had just moved to a new city and a new school. Like always I sat silently at my desk, unable to start a conversation with the one next to me. But from nowhere, she came. I remember it all started over a pencil. From then on, her warm smile greeting me in the mornings is what made me feel welcome at school. Soon, our morning greeting turned into a long chit chat. I loved talking to her and for the first time in my life, I felt like I had a friend.

We played together, sat together and spoke about our family, our hobbies and everything under the sun. Sadly, before I could make more memories to cherish, I had to move again. We exchanged emails and gave each other the tightest hugs. I was going to miss her out of all the faces that I saw in that city.


Unlike other people I met, distance did not change much between us. We still had so many things to say to each other. We talked about my new city, her heartbreak, our latest crushes, and never missed even the tiniest detail. We were each other's secret keepers despite the distance and time that separated us. We made it through heartbreaks, infatuations, and exam failures together even when we were miles apart.

Even as we prepared for adulthood, I was in a new world and wanted to tell her all about it. My new surroundings were challenging, and she was the first person I spoke to every time I was confused and wanted some advice. From miles away, she calmed the storms in my heart and gave me the clarity when I needed it the most.

Slowly, I began getting used to the new place and the new faces. While I tried to make most of my college days, my world was losing its balance. She was on the other side waiting for our weekly long conversation but now I had no time. Our calls became shorter and our long texts were replaced by quick responses.


But there was one thing that kept our hearts connected, our monthly calls. We talked for at least an hour and every time I kept the call, I realized how much I missed her in my life. No matter how many people I talked to, nobody could fill the void in me.

Life took its own course and before long, I was a working woman juggling my responsibilities at work and at home. Monthly calls are a rare occurrence now but we still have each other's back. Our old phones have been replaced by new smartphones but we are still the same two souls stuck in different parts of the world but still present in each other's lives. Our friendship over the past years has reached a point where we no longer need to share the smallest details of what's happening. 

Though she is miles away, she is always the first person to know anything special in my life. She was there when I cried at school when I couldn't put my crying baby to sleep and today when I am running around with my little grandchild. She has seen or rather heard all about it.


There is no one who has been in my life like her. We moved on in different cities with our loved ones but our lives remain as connected as before. Nothing has changed other than our grey hair and wrinkled faces. My best friend is still my very own. Even if we don't talk to each other every day, she is the most special person in my life.

Our pinky promise to be best mates in that classroom decades ago did not change and will never change.

Disclaimer: This article is based on facts collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.