Parents Lose All Four Kids in Kentucky Floods | Huge Tide Ripped The Kids Away From Their Hands

Parents Lose All Four Kids in Kentucky Floods | Huge Tide Ripped The Kids Away From Their Hands

Remains of all the children have been retrieved that have killed more than 14 people until now.

Four young children, ages one and a half to eight, were washed away from their parents in the devastating floods in Kentucky on Thursday. By 12:30 p.m. Friday, all four children's remains had been retrieved from the Knott County town of Montgomery, according to their cousin Brittany Trejo.

Gov. Andy Beshear revealed the remains of the four youngsters had been found on Friday afternoon. By midday Friday, at least 14 deaths had been verified in Knott County, according to the coroner. Trejo stated that Amber Smith and Riley Noble's Montgomery mobile house flooded with water on Thursday, per Lexington Herald-Leader



Trejo said, "They got on the roof and the entire underneath washed out with them and the children. They managed to get to a tree and ... held the children a few hours before a big tide came and wash them all away at the same time. The mother and father were stranded in the tree for 8 hours before anyone got there to help." 

The mother and father, Amber Smith and Riley Noble were discovered alive. Riley Jr., 6, and Nevaeh Noble, 4, were found dead. Maddison Noble, 8, and Chance Noble, 1 1/2, were discovered dead Friday morning.

Kentucky State Police spokesman Shane Goodall said, "The numbers, I think, are going to be really hard to tell right now because some of the people they haven’t got to yet, and I’m sure some of the coroners haven’t been able to report them."



As their house was being carried away, the parents clung to their children and managed to float to a nearby tree, where they yelled for assistance. Trejo recalled, repeating what Smith had told her about the terrible experience. Despite Smith and Noble's efforts to keep their children with them as long as possible, the youngsters were finally washed away by the power of the current, reports New York Times

Trejo said, "The rage of the water took their children out of their hands." Strangers rescued the parents after they had been trapped in the tree for roughly eight hours. After one sibling's body was discovered, the family had to wait to find their other missing children.

Riley and Chance were constantly playing together, according to the kids' uncle, Steven Smith, and their bodies were found the closest to each other in death. Steven said, "I know they hung on to each other till the very end."

Trejo's GoFundMe page for funeral expenses of the children has received more than $66,000. 

Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the number of deaths on Sunday climbed to 28, and several dozen people remained missing, according to CBS News.






Cover Image Source: GoFundMe/Funeral expenses for all the children