If Your Dreams Include Any Of These 4 Things, It's A Sign That Your Relationship Is Suffering

If Your Dreams Include Any Of These 4 Things, It's A Sign That Your Relationship Is Suffering

Dreams are a lot more than just our imaginations running amok. They can reveal more about your relationship than you know when you're awake.

For a lot of people, the best part of the day is coming back home, stripping down to some comfy nighties and diving under the cozy covers before drifting off into dream world. While your dreams may look like something out of Da Vinci's paintings with some very wacky characters, they can actually reveal something about your waking life. In fact, certain types of dreams or seeing a specific object in your dream could tell you something about your relationship. 

It seems a bit far-fetched but your subconscious mind is more aware of your life and your partner. “Our dreams give us the brutally honest truth about all areas and issues of our lives, especially the relationship area,” Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, professional dream analyst, told HelloGiggles.

Not convinced? Well, Freud can help you with that because according to him, “the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”


There are many who talk of recurring dreams. While some dream of falling, others drowning. However, there are certain dreams that may seem completely unrelated to what's bothering you right now, but actually have a far deeper meaning that you realize. This can be especially true if you're in a relationship that is taking up a lot of your time and energy.


So if you see these four elements in your dream, you might need to look closer at your relationship. 

1. Driving

If you see a car in your dreams, the state of the car can tell you the state of your relationship. Here's what it means:

If the car is out of control: There might be an issue in your relationship which needs to be taken control of.  If your dream involves driving off a cliff, it could mean that you've lost complete control of the situation. 

“If you and your partner are in a car together in a dream, pay attention to who is behind the wheel as that will reveal who is the driving force in the relationship, or at least who is driving any current issue within the relationship,” said Loewenberg.


If the brakes fail: It indicates that something like a recurring behavior needs to stop.


Has problems starting: It means that your relationship is not moving forward which Loewenberg suggest needs to be issued by talking to your partner about spicing up the relationship. 

Is stolen or lost: It could mean that your relationship is directionless and either one of you is just not motivated by it anymore. 

Has crashed: This is a bigger warning sign that the relationship itself is heading to a downfall. “Again, you want to compare the condition of the car, the behavior of the driver, etc. in the dream to your relationship and you will see that it will reflect reality,” Loewenberg said. “And perhaps a reality you may have been turning a blind eye towards.”




2. Ships or boats

Here's what it means if you see a ship that...

Is sinking: It could mean that your relationship is suffering. “Probably because you have taken on way too much drama or negativity, just as a sinking ship has taken on too much water,” she said.

Is drifting: It could indicate that your relationship is stuck in limbo. 

Is a battleship: This could tell you that there is a lot of fighting and conflict between you and your partner. “Compare the type of ship, the condition of the ship, and how well or poorly it is being driven to your current relationship and odds are you will find many similarities,” Loewenberg said.




“The love boat, two ships passing in the night, these common phrases and play on words is why a ship or a boat in a dream can tell you a lot about your relationship,” said Loewenberg. “Plus, water in dreams will often represent our emotions and since boats travel on water, and relationships are highly emotional, this is yet another reason to listen to what your boat dreams are telling you.”

3. Dogs

Loewenberg mentions that the behavior and nature of the dog can reflect what is happening in your relationship. If the dog...

Is sick, injured or dying: It could indicate that there is neglect in your relationship. You or your partner may need to pay more attention to it. Depending on whether your relationship is worth it, you will both need to decide whether to let it die naturally or heal it.

Is aggressive: It's an indication that your relationship is not good for you and could be draining you.

Is happy and friendly: It means that your relationship is healthy and gives you a feeling of safety, happiness, and warmth.


“When you get a dog in your dream, compare its condition, the way it is behaving, as well as your reaction to the dog to your waking-life relationship,” Loewenberg said. “This can include friendships and family relationships, too. The dog in your dream will be an honest reflection of how the relationship is in real life.”

4. Cats

Where dogs symbolize the emotional energy of your relationship, seeing a cat in your dreams can reflect the sexual energy, especially that of the woman. So if the cat


Is sick, injured or dying: It suggests that the sexual energy in your relationship is dying as well. 

Is aggressive: It indicates that the physical aspect of your relationship is in some way hurting you or you feel angry about it

You might want to have a closer look at the level of intimacy in your relationship.

So what does your dream say about your relationship?