Four Elderly Siblings Meet Each Other For The First Time After 80 Years Post A DNA Test

Four Elderly Siblings Meet Each Other For The First Time After 80 Years Post A DNA Test

They spent their entire life not knowing each other, until the unexpected result of a test brought them together.

Imagine having a brother or a sister and living your entire life not knowing them. These four siblings got to experience that first-hand. It was only recently that they learnt about one another and finally met. But what's most interesting about this story is that the four siblings, three brothers, and one sister, had a lot in common and could possibly have crossed paths before.


The youngest of the four siblings is almost halfway through his 80s. Although they didn't know about each other's existence until now, they were probably eager to meet each other from the shocking moment of finding out that they had other siblings.

The four of them, aged 84, 88, 93, and 102, were delighted and looking forward to meet each other. And it finally happened for the first time on Sunday in Boynton Beach, as reported by WPTV. What unexpectedly brought them all together in a special way was a DNA test that was carried out by Ancestry.com


The four siblings were able to know that they were connected and found that they had the same father. The father had previously married a woman, whom he later divorced. Later on, began a completely new life with a new name and a new family. But throughout the entire time, he never told anyone about the other family or their whereabouts.

Some things are just meant to be. The universe always brings people together when they're meant to meet and the time is right. Years, decades and generations after the father started his new life and had more children, all four of them found each other, thanks to the ancestry DNA test.

One's in his 80s, another in his 90s and the sister over 100, all pleasantly surprised to meet each other after they have lived so much of their lives parallel to one another. According to NBC 6, Ralph Frier, the 88-year-old and the third in line of the siblings said, “To learn at this time in my life that I have sister and she’s 102,” at the family's first meeting, and everyone was able to share a hearty laugh with each other.


The most interesting thing is that the three brothers and one sister actually lived their lives quite close to each other. Not only do they share the same father, but a couple of them even shared the very same barber. They actually lived close to each other as well, and only 10 minutes of travel separated them from each other. Apart from sharing quite a lot in common, they even went to the very same synagogue.

The four siblings were ecstatic to find out and finally get the chance to meet each other. And when it happened, it brought them great joy to go from being strangers to affectionate siblings.