Four Children Died in a Fire in Their Mobile Home While the Mother Escaped | "I Kept Hearing The Kids Screaming"

Four Children Died in a Fire in Their Mobile Home While the Mother Escaped | "I Kept Hearing The Kids Screaming"

The mother did not realize that her kids are stuck inside the burning home.

Four Children died in a big fire in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Thursday Morning. Their mother survived the fire and did not realise that her children was left behind.

The fire department was called at 8:30 in the morning to extinguish the fire. Crews discovered four youngsters dead inside the wrecked building. According to the Allen County Sheriff's Department, the children were declared deceased at 9:47 a.m. by the Allen County Coroner, reports WANE. According to a neighbor, all the deceased children, three boys and a girl, were young. 




Four adults were able to escape the mobile home. All of the adults, including the children's mother, were hospitalized. Authorities are unaware of the conditions of the adults but Jessica Mann, the children's mother is in a burn unit in Indianapolis battling severe burns from the fire. She escaped the fire by pushing an air conditioner out, per Daily Mail. Travis Garrison, 18, who witnessed their painful dying moments, said her four children, ages 2, 3, 5, and 10, were all asleep in a front bedroom and died screaming. 

In a third bedroom, Garrison and two other people - his sister Audrey Kistler, 24, and her boyfriend, Samuel Barnett, 17 - were sleeping. They all woke up to the house burning and tried to escape through the front door but the deadlock wasn't working. Garrison escaped through the back door, while his sister and her partner fled through a window. When all four adults were outside, Mann dashed over to Garrison and inquired about her kids' whereabouts.




Garrison told Fox 55, "She ran over to me and the other three, or the other two, and asked if her kids were okay and I told her they were still in there." He added, "I kept hearing the kids screaming. Screaming and I couldn't do anything about it." They tried to get the kids out but were unsuccessful. A neighbor, Wesley Desjardins, told WANE that he tried to assist in getting them out and even punched a glass to get entry. He said, "My full bodyweight and all my force, there was nothing I could do to pry the door open, nothing. All I heard was the screaming of one of the kids."

Another neighbor, Shelby Wright, did not care about her safety and injured her hands trying to get the kids out. She said, "I heard the kids back there crying for help and heard the dog whining. I ran over there and started busting in windows, trying to help get them out. Trying to get some of that smoke out."




Garrison said, "We all were trying to get back in there. We couldn’t get into the house. The fire was too high. The smoke was too thick. We could not get back into that house." He plans to live with his dad after surviving this fire and figure out his life forward as he recovers from the accident. The cause of the fire is unknown until now. 

Juan Sanchez, the next-door neighbor, told WANE that he and his wife had so much fun interacting with the kids that he wanted to commemorate them. He planted a cross at the far end of his land to remember the children. He said, "It’s going to be hard coming home. I’m so used to them playing outside, running through my yard, playing with my cats. To know that, especially it hits you the day after that they’re not going to wake up. They’re not coming back."

A memorial was organized for the kids where friends, family and neighbors honored the children and their lives that sccumbed to this tragic accident.






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