Florida Private Christian School Tells All LGBT+ Students To "Leave Immediately"

Florida Private Christian School Tells All LGBT+ Students To "Leave Immediately"

The $6,595-a-year school said staff "would refer to students only by biological gender."

A private Christian school in Florida said students who do not refer to their biological gender will be asked to leave.

A religious school in Florida said it will only refer to students by their sex assigned at birth, while pupils who are gay, transgender, or gender-nonconforming will be asked to leave the school immediately. "We believe that God created mankind in His image: male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal dignity," the email sent by Grace Christian School to the school community in June read, according to NBC News. 



The email was sent by the school’s pastor and administrator, Barry McKeen, who reiterated the school’s stance in a video statement on Thursday after the article was published.
“We’ve had these policies in our school since day number one ... almost every Christian school has such a policy,” McKeen said. “Why we were chosen for this experience, I don’t know, we were not looking for this attention, but I’m also not going to coward from it, I’m not going to backpedal.” McKeen added that the policy was not new and that parents were being reminded of it in the email.


The email was titled "Important School Policy Point of Emphasis. ... Please Read" and said parents must "agree to all policies and procedures before your student may start school in August."

“God is the same yesterday, today and forever,” McKeen added. “I don’t answer to NBC, I don’t answer to local newspapers. I don’t answer to bloggers and TikTokers." He denied the claim that he said gay people are going to hell.



“Any sin is going to condemn you to hell, and that is why we need to save you,” he said instead. Regarding gender, the school said that “students in school will be referred to by the gender on their birth certificate and be referenced in name in the same fashion.”

McKeen said there had only been one occasion in which the school and the parent of an LGBT+ student “had come to an agreement” for the student to change schools. He also hinted that the subject of NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas had arisen in classrooms because “it shouldn’t be that way.”



The mother of a gay student who used to go to Grace Christian School told NBC she had decided to change her to a different school over concerns that the policy would be detrimental to her self-perception. “It’s not like my daughter goes around wearing rainbow flags or anything like that,” the mother told the outlet. “But I’m not going to have her feel ashamed of herself for any reason.”



The unidentified mother said the policy is not a new one from what she has read, but said she was unaware of the rule until now. She told the outlet that she has sent all of her children to Grace Christian, but would not send her youngest daughter back to the school for her junior year. "She was scared she was gonna open her mouth and expose herself … but she’s not scared anymore," the mother said. 



McKeen spoke to Fox News Digital later on Sunday and explained that the rule applies to any student partaking in sexual activity outside of marriage. "We don't expect any of our students who are not married to be sexual, whether it be bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual," McKeen said on Sunday. "I tell people, if a kid came in the doors, exclaiming how he was having sex with his girlfriend that student would be expelled as well." 



Twitter users were quick to react to the news by calling out the school and mentioning that even today, terms like "gay lifestyle" are being practiced and still LGBTQ+ people are not acceptable. The users also called out the government and mentioned that it would be fine for a private school to form its own laws but would be totally wrong for a school receiving government funding. 










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