Firefighter Sexually Abused Innocent 7YO While His Wife Watched The Crime & Helped Him Clear The Evidence

Firefighter Sexually Abused Innocent 7YO While His Wife Watched The Crime & Helped Him Clear The Evidence

Morgan Keene helped her husband clean the bedroom and even stitch the girl's injuries.

Adults should protect children and ensure their wellbeing. However, some ignore this and become the reason for pain and torture in the lives of many children. One couple from Florida subjected a 7-year-old to intense agony after snatching away her innocence.

According to Orlando Sentinel, a 7-year-old was sexually abused by a firefighter and his wife. Argelio Pupo raped the innocent girl while his wife Morgan Keene watched him commit the horrific crime. The incident came to light after the girl opened up about the abuse to her caretaker. The caretaker then informed the authorities. 



Upon investigation, the authorities found devastating details of the abuse. The victim told the police that the couple "were trying to teach her how to have a baby." 

The arrest affidavit also stated that the woman was in the room while her husband abused the child. It also claimed that she helped him clean the room after the act. "The victim stated [Keene] was present when this incident occurred and assisted in cleaning up the blood before ultimately telling the victim to go shower and go to bed," said the arrest report, according to The Sun.



After subjecting the child to sexual abuse, the couple stitched her injuries using a sewing kit. The information regarding the girl's injuries was revealed after the authorities found text messages exchanged between Morgan and her friend,  an obstetrics nurse. Morgan allegedly asked her friend questions on how to treat a vaginal tear. She made her friend believe that it was for her. The friend told her to visit a doctor. However, Morgan stated that her husband had taken care of it. 



When the friend asked if they had used an anesthetic called lidocaine, Morgan texted, "Nope lololol." According to Spectrum News, the little girl sobbed under a table after the horrific incident. 

Meanwhile, Morgan told the investigators that her husband "has put her in emotional fear and distress of her life." She also added that she suffered "physical and mental abuse" from him. 



The 27-year-old claimed that her husband left her with a black eye and partial vision after attacking her in October 2020. She also stated that she was kicked in the ribs when she revealed the news of pregnancy on 4 November 2020. 

Based on the evidence gathered, Argelio is charged with capital sexual battery of a child under 12 and aggravated child abuse. Morgan, on the other hand, is charged with capital sexual battery of a child under 12 and neglect of child with great bodily harm.



After the accusations came out, officials at the fire department released a statement regarding Argelio.  Assistant Kissimmee Manager Austin D. Blake said, "Argelio Pupo has been relieved of his position and is on administrative leave without pay from the Kissimmee Fire Department pending an administrative review of his case and criminal charges. Unfortunately, because we’re still looking into his case we won’t be able to provide much more on his status at this time."