Your Favorite Christmas Carol Reveals What Makes You The Most Nostalgic About Your Childhood

Your Favorite Christmas Carol Reveals What Makes You The Most Nostalgic About Your Childhood

There are so many Christmas memories that you cherish and the carol that your parents always used to play will bring them all back.

It's that wonderful time of the year where you switch on the radio and sing along to those evergreen Christmas carols that instantly transport you back to your childhood. The familiar tunes bring back the memories of old family traditions that you shared with your loved ones, from setting up the tree and decorating the entire house to those hearty Christmas family dinners. Here's what your favorite Christmas carol might reveal about your most memorable childhood memory.

1. Jingle Bells

Whenever you hear this one, you probably feel a rush of old memories from your childhood flooding through your mind. If this one's your favorite, it shows how you love the fun that the holiday season brings, including the wonderful whimsical feeling that you always get during Christmas.

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You might even be the person who misses the innocence of your childhood, the time when you wholeheartedly believed Santa would slither down your chimney and leave presents for you under the tree. Your favorite memories could be filling your Christmas stockings and hanging them over the fireplace. And leaving behind some milk and cookies, maybe even a note to Santa for when he arrives!

You can't help but sing along when Jingle Bells plays during the holidays, and that is something that reminds you of a more carefree time devoid of inhibitions, filled with nothing but the joy you shared with those around.

2. Deck the Halls

This song always gets you humming along while your feet tapping away even when you're standing at a queue in Walmart. If this one's your favorite, it could show how you're someone who loves the buzzing festive spirit that comes with Christmas.

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It's likely that some of your favorite childhood memories of the holidays including getting out the lights and baubles from the boxes in the attic and gathering around the tree with your family to decorate it. You miss the laughter you shared with them while hanging every last piece of your decoration around the house. Whenever you came back from school, you loved how walking into the house felt like you were stepping into a winter wonderland. When Deck the Halls starts playing, it's the traditions that you shared with your family that you feel most nostalgic about.

3. Joy to the World

Even with the chill of December, you still feel the warmth of Christmas when you hear this carol. If this is the carol you love the most, it shows how you feel the contagious excitement of Christmas from the moment the holiday season begins.

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You reminisce those days when as a child, you and your family would slide together on a bench in church for mass, after which you would all head back home for a delicious supper with your loved ones. You can still remember the aroma of your mother's irresistible pie baking in the oven, and you dearly miss helping your granny make soft ginger cookies. And at the end of Christmas dinner, you reminisce how you would slip into your jammies, squeeze together on your couch, and watch your favorite holiday movie together.

4. Silent Night

The moment you hear the words of Silent Night, you feel the soothing tune instantly fill you with peace. If this beautiful carol, which is as calming as any regular lullaby, is your favorite, it shows how you're the kind of person who loves the simple pleasures of Christmas.

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After all the frolicking in the snow, after all the loud conversations with your loved ones at the dinner table, your favorite part as a child would be to sit on your grandpa's lap or huddle up in between your parents with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. You loved the cool December evenings, listening to the adults narrating old Christmas stories. It was the quiet time and the simple conversations in the company of your siblings, cousins, friends, and family that you loved the most.

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