Grief-stricken Dad Weeps After Being Unable to Save His 3YO From Caravan Blaze | "My Boy's Dead...I've Killed My Boy"

Grief-stricken Dad Weeps After Being Unable to Save His 3YO From Caravan Blaze | "My Boy's Dead...I've Killed My Boy"

Shaun Harvey tried to save both his kids but fate was not on his side. He had to helplessly watch as the flames consume his little boy.

A parent's love for their child is without a doubt, unconditional. All you want to do for your children is to protect and nurture them as they grow up. And while every parent will try to do their best, unable to do so might end up feeling like they have been let down. Shaun Harvey is one such father. He wanted to shield his children but when his circumstances did not favor him, he felt he failed his children.

According to Mirror Online, 28-year-old Shaun who had separated from his wife Erin was spending some time with his little sons, Zack and Harley in his caravan. On the morning of 19 January 2020, the father and sons were fast asleep in the caravan when the unexpected happened. At 5 AM, a fire broke out from a suspected electrical fault. Alarmed by what had happened, Shaun quickly sprang into action. He grabbed his eldest boy, Harley first and tried to get back into the burning caravan to save his 3-year-old son.

"They kicked the fence down to come to us for help. It was horrific. He was carrying his eldest boy in his arms. His father was in his underpants and the skin had been burned off his neck, shoulders, and back," said Mrs. Miriam Connolly, an eye witness, and neighbor.


The neighbor witnessed the helpless father trying to get back in to save his kid. But, just seconds later the caravan blew into flames killing Zack. "He's had tried so hard to get back into the caravan to reach his other little boy but it was an inferno. It went up in a matter of seconds," said the neighbor.

Shaun was devastated and broken. He began screaming, "My boy's dead. My boy's dead. I've killed my boy." Mrs. Connolly tried to calm him but the emotional father just could not wrap his head around anything.

"The caravan went up like a tinder box, we were trying to reassure him he did everything he could to save his child. We ran a cold bath for him and his little boy, they were both in extreme pain," said the neighbor. They were soon admitted to the hospital in Aberystwyth.


When Shaun's ex and the mother of the kids, Erin was informed of them taken to the hospital, she could not believe it. "Where's my baby," cried the mother in pain. She called Connolly to enquire but the 54-year-old did not have the courage to break the news. "I didn't have the heart to tell her that her little boy had died. It is so tragic, he was such a lovely little boy who loved coming to stay with his dad at weekends. I told her to get in touch with the police - it's so heartbreaking."

The mother soon came to know the news and joined her ex-husband and son. Harley, who was critical was flown by air ambulance to a special burns unit in Bristol. The father and the kid will remain at the hospital. Meanwhile, investigations on the fire are going on. However, nothing suspicious has been detected.