Father Wants 11-Year-Old to Eat Less, Mother Says It Can Cause an Eating Disorder

Father Wants 11-Year-Old to Eat Less, Mother Says It Can Cause an Eating Disorder

A Reddit user and mom recently expressed how her husband wants to monitor what their daughter eats. She fears it can be "a quick way to fast track an ED."

Adolescence is a period when a child goes through many physical, emotional, hormonal, and cognitive changes. Without proper nutrition and care, teens grow up into adults with health and mental disorders that can affect their entire life. Eating Disorders are one of the major concerns for the teenage population of the United States. According to Polaris Teen Center, 2.7% of US teens suffer from an eating disorder. Reddit User u/Similar-Ad-831 wants her daughter to have a good relationship with food. She doesn't agree with her husband who wants her to decrease the portion size of their 11-year-old daughter because he doesn't want her to be "fat."



The mother writes that her husband has a bad relationship with food because of his parents. "They didn't teach him how to have a good relationship with food, and subsequently this led to him sneaking in junk food as a teenager and going crazy once he moved out of home." This led to him gaining weight. She adds that the environment she grew up in was the complete opposite. "My parents forbid any diet talk in the house and didn't categorise foods as good or bad, and as a result I have a great relationship with food. There was also zero talk of weight in our household which is something I want to carry out now as I raise our child." 




The mother has been quite assertive that she would not allow her husband to monitor the portion sizes of their daughter because she has gained a little weight due to her growth spurt. She writes, "I put my foot down and told him absolutely not, because that's a quick way to fast track an ED at her age." She is currently in an argument with her husband and his mother and feels like she is being attacked by them for not regulating her daughter's diet.

Looking at the risks involved with eating disorders, people are coming in support of the mother who wants her daughter to have a healthy relationship with food. Users are condemning the father and his family for classifying food into "good" and "bad." SharkClub12 replied to her post, "EDs are no joke. Good for you for not fostering that in your pre-teen daughter. Remind your husband that she’s growing. They grow out a little before shooting up again." LollipopThrowAway advised her to keep the daughter away from her Husband's parents, "Nta- and you’re a great mom. However I’d keep your child away from his parents as much as possible so she doesn’t develop any bad ideologies from them."




Bored Panda reports that youngsters between the age of 15 and 24 who have anorexia are at 10 times greater risk of dying than their peers. The stigma around weight affects one's physical as well as mental well-being. It causes depression, anxiety disorders, and several other physical comorbidities that can have a negative effect on anybody's life. The Reddit user is taking reasonable steps to ensure that her daughter grows up to be a healthy and confident individual and it is an example for every parent who wants their child to have a wonderful life. 








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