Father Walks Away From Marriage After Learning That His Daughter Was Being Bullied by Stepkids

Father Walks Away From Marriage After Learning That His Daughter Was Being Bullied by Stepkids

He was criticized by his wife and her parents after filing for divorce.

After years of being a widower, one man on Reddit said he felt blessed when he found his second wife. However, not everything was great, as his wife's two children, aged 13 and 11, as well as his wife's ex, teased and bullied his 12-year-old daughter, per Scary Mommy. Due to the tension caused by the circumstances, the man made the painful decision to file for divorce. After being chastised by his second wife for leaving, the guy turned to Reddit to see whether he was justified in his action. 

He wrote, "The girls dad hates my daughter and they (the girls) will spew that hate in our home, and will use it to bully my daughter. A grown ass man called my 10 year old a fat repulsive pig, a w*ore and the reason abortion was invented (to list only a few). The girls have called her dumb, they have mocked her for being shy and introverted."




He added, "I made it clear that could not continue if we were to stay married and my wife was determined she would get them to stop. I got my daughter therapy and I did as much as I could to keep them separate. But even at night they started to taunt her." He continued, "So I made the decision to move out with my daughter and I told my wife our marriage could not continue. She begged me to stay. She said she loves us and her girls need me. I said my daughter comes first."

He revealed that ever since he filed for divorce, his wife's family and friends are criticising him for protecting his own daughter. He wrote in his post, "My wife's family have been telling me how much my stepdaughters need me, how badly they need to see a healthy and good father figure in their lives, and that I will destroy them if I leave. How they're important and I need to prioritize them. I told them they are not more important than my daughter. Outrage ensued and I was asked how I could say that."




The majority of Reddit users think that the man made the right decision to protect his daughter. A user commented, "You did the right thing - the only harsh and cruel thing said in that conversation was them implying that you were somehow harming your stepdaughters by choosing to protect your own child from their bullying." 

Another user wrote, "The grandparents only care about their blood family. It's a pretty warped and selfish way of thinking- but not unusual. The ex sure knew what he was doing, going after the daughter rather than OP. OP might have sucked it up and stayed around if the harsh words were only directed at him." 

A third user said, "Daughter will remember dad had her back. And shown set a really good example in its okay to leave if the marriage don't work/abuse in any form is present."







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