Dad Wakes Up To Find His 3 Daughters Killed In Same Accident That Left Him Paralyzed For Life

Dad Wakes Up To Find His 3 Daughters Killed In Same Accident That Left Him Paralyzed For Life

"They were the sweetest girls," said the little girls' uncle. "Our family have three pieces of our hearts missing forever now."

For 26-year-old father, Somchai Lurak, one moment, his family was complete, and the very next moment, his family was ripped apart after their three "angels" were taken away.

Somchai Lurak and his family were driving home after visiting his sister, Amanda Lurak-Moldenhauer. But things took a drastic turn when a drunk driver rammed into their car at a speed of 80mph, as reported by Mail Online. Strapped in the backseat of the car were Somchai's three little girls, Aneena, 6, Kya, 5 and Drayka, 3.


When Somchai finally woke up in a hospital bed, he was paralyzed and suffered severe injuries. But the worst injury suffered by him and his entire family was knowing that his three daughters were pronounced dead. "His precious angels did not make it," their GoFundMe page said. 

It was his older brother, Anthony Smock, and his sister Amanda, who had to break the painful news to him. "We had to wait till he was less sedated to tell him that his beautiful daughters were dead. They were the sweetest girls," Anthony said. "Our family have three pieces of our hearts missing forever now."

"My brother has said he's doing the best he can but he's devastated," Anthony said, as reported by The Sun. "As of right now he's classed as an incomplete quadriplegic - he's got feeling but no movement. We don't know whether he'll ever walk again."


Somchai's fiancee, Emma Weigand, who was riding in the passenger seat survived with broken ribs and a broken arm. And although Somchai miraculously survived the accident along with her, the restaurant manager from Idaho is left devastated after losing his little girls.

"I start thinking about my nieces' beautiful smiles and sweet little giggles, and how every time I would sweep them up into my arms and give them hugs and kisses," Anthony Smock said. "I want them back and I want my brother to be able to have his babies. It's a miracle we still have Somchai and his recovery has been improving."


The little girls were described to be full of life and with them gone, a huge space is left open in their hearts and their lives. "It’s a hell I would not wish upon anyone," said Emma's sister, Jessica Jones, who described them as "the sweetest girls ever" according to KTVB.


The entire family is left heartbroken, including Somchai's sister, Amanda who said, "They were there one minute and gone the next... I don't know what to feel other then I miss them terribly bad, my heart is broken... Now I'll have to live without them running at me with open arms screaming 'Auntie' and my children will have to grow up without them."

Emma and Somchai were ready to exchange wedding vows in 2020 and Emma were looking forward to legally adopting his three daughters. Not only had she filled the shoes of a mother for the girls, but Emma's mother herself had loved them like they were her own grandchildren.

"I can’t put into words. I dropped to the ground when I heard the news," said Sharron Weigand, Emma's mother. "I think in the 30 years I’ve been with my husband, I’ve never seen him cry more than he has in the past two days. It’s still unreal that they’re just gone in the blink of an eye."


For the family, it's heart-wrenching to know that one man's careless actions has taken the little girls away in one of the most painful ways possible.

"To everyone everywhere, I'm begging you," Anthony shared. "Never ever drink and drive - it's selfish and stupid and can destroy people’s lives and families forever."

He added, "One act of careless indifference for others can impact a stranger's life and yours forever. And you're the one who will have to live with it sober."