Father Explains To 24-YO Daughter WHY She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants A Boyfriend. Was This Dad Right Or Wrong?

Father Explains To 24-YO Daughter WHY She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants A Boyfriend. Was This Dad Right Or Wrong?

A confused father asked Reddit users if he had crossed the line after asking his daughter to lose some weight.

Parents often give us advice with regard to different things, be it relationships or academics. While some of us may not be comfortable with their counsel, others find it useful. This experience shared on Reddit is about a parent who is left confused after giving his daughter what he thinks is advice on getting a boyfriend.

The 52-year-old father took to Reddit to talk about an incident that occurred at his house. He said he lived with his wife and a 24-year-old daughter who had moved in after college. "My daughter is very overweight (5'3 and about 200 lbs). She always talks about how she wants a boyfriend, and she has never had one. The other day she was going on a long rant about this at the dinner table," wrote the father. He then went on to describe how his daughter accused guys of not giving her their time and attention.

"She was saying that it's unfair that all her friends have boyfriends and get attention from guys, and how guys are 'd**ks' who never give her the time of day," said the man with the user name, CountryChode. He added that his daughter had been complaining about this for a while and also said she had "gone on similar rants before."

On hearing her complaints, the man stepped up to give his daughter a piece of advice. "I told her delicately that it could be helpful to try losing some weight, and that unfortunately people are often shallow and that could be something that would help her get male attention, feel more confident, and also generally be healthier," wrote the father. However, his advice was not taken very well by his daughter. "She yelled at me about how 'all guys are the same, even my f**king dad' and stormed off," said the user.

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He added he was only trying to help her and had no other intentions. He further confirmed that his daughter did not have any genetic predisposition to being overweight but said she "eats quite a bit and does not get much exercise." He also said he encouraged her to change her lifestyle choices in the past. "I have tried to encourage her to come for a run with me, and to give her healthy food options, but have never explicitly spoken to her about her weight before this."

The confused father asked Reddit users if he had actually crossed a line. Enthusiastic users immediately flooded the post with varied responses. While some supported the dad others sympathized with the young girl. "My father had the same talk with me when I was growing up. I was so hurt by what he said at first, but now that i look back at it, he had good intentions just not the smoothest delivery. He wasn't as kind about it but I am glad he said something!" wrote a user. "You’re right, if she loses weight her chances of getting a boyfriend will go up—probably pretty significantly—especially at her age. It sounds like she’d rather keep whining about how the world is unfair rather than actually doing something about her situation to improve how she feels and what her circumstances are," wrote another. 

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Some criticized the father's thought process and said weight had nothing to do with boyfriends. "I'd guess that's more reason she's single than being overweight. I was overweight my entire young adult life and I still had relationships. Just bc she's overweight doesn't mean she can't get a BF, so insinuating that's the only reason she's single is a bit assholish, honestly." 

"To say I'm concerned about your health, let's work together is one thing. To say let's work together because right now you're very unattractive (is what a fat girl hears...source? Am fat girl who has struggled with weight most of my life)," said another.