Grief-stricken Dad Left Helpless After 3-YO Awaits Her Mom, Who Died Of Coronavirus, After Losing Baby 3 Days Before

Grief-stricken Dad Left Helpless After 3-YO Awaits Her Mom, Who Died Of Coronavirus, After Losing Baby 3 Days Before

Leon Gayle told her daughter that her mother had passed away but she keeps asking him about her.

A child will always need their mother and no one can ever fill the void of not having their mother around. One man is left devastated after his 3-year-old, Leona still awaits her mother, who is not alive.

According to CNN, Leon Gayle lost his wife, Gabrielle Gayle, and their newborn after she contracted the virus. Their little daughter, however, is not convinced that her mother will not be around for her anymore. Though Leon explained that her mother had passed away, their daughter Leona holds on to the hope of seeing her mother.


"My daughter asked every day...about when mommy was coming home," told the husband, according to CNN.  "And every day we had to tell her that she was in the hospital, that she's getting better. And that hopefully, you know, she'll be home soon...the day she died, I had to tell her that her mommy wasn't coming home again."

The heartbroken father further added, "Leona still misses her mommy and she will ask periodically for her," Leon said. "(And) I have to reexplain everything again."


Gabrielle, along with her husband and daughter, lived in her mother's house along with her brothers and one of their fiance. In March, Leon started experiencing breathing difficulties, nausea, cough, and chills. Soon after, Gabrielle's mother, Beverly Woods, and her brother, John Jacobs also got infected with the virus. 

Gabrielle, who was pregnant showed mild symptoms and so the woman was not admitted in urgent care though she was under increased risk. But Gabrielle was determined.

On 28 March, 2020, the woman drove to the hospital to find out if she and the baby were well. Days later, the pregnant woman was put on the ventilator. She was confirmed of being infected and her kidneys began failing.


The woman was put on dialysis and the medical practitioners were confused about whose life to prioritize. They asked the husband if they wanted to deliver the baby since the baby was low on oxygen. But they added that could not assure saving Gabrielle during the delivery. 

"(The hospital) had mentioned that if we did the delivery, there's a good chance that Gabby may not make it through the delivery, she might lose too much blood and die. So we always chose not to do the delivery," said Leon, according to CNN.  As the days went by, the condition of the baby and the mother deteriorated. On the fourth week of being admitted, the couple lost their baby, who was supposed to be named Gabriel.

Soon after losing their child, Gabrielle developed a fungus in her blood. Eventually, her liver failed and just three days after her baby's death, she also passed away.


Her death was just devastating. Their daughter Leona was excited to become a big sister. She used to rub her mother's belly and even talk to Gabriel. Leon recalled how their daughter could not even see her mother on the ventilator. She cried out in pain and all the while, Gabrielle was in the hospital, the little girl kept looking out for her mother's car from the window.  

Gabrielle and Leon met online in 2009. The couple was looking forward to celebrating their 6th anniversary on 19 July, 2020. The woman, who taught at Merrick Academy -- Queens Public Charter School in Laurelton, New York was remembered as a person with a "huge heart, amazing energy, and a passion for education."

"She was full of life, love, and laughter. The outpouring of love and support during her loss and the loss of her unborn son is a testament to the beautiful person she really was," said Charles Watterson, her former co-teacher.