You Think I Wish You Hadn't Left? Stop Kidding Yourself. Your Exit From My Life Is The Best Thing That Happened To Me

You Think I Wish You Hadn't Left? Stop Kidding Yourself. Your Exit From My Life Is The Best Thing That Happened To Me

Wait, did you just think my world fell apart because of you? My world never revolved around you in the first place.

I'm not hesitant to say that I've lost a lot of things in life. But the one thing I am genuinely proud of losing is you. Of course I thought it was love and of course, I thought our breakup would be so hard on me, but I moved on faster than I thought and honestly, it was because your drama and your negativity were not that hard to get over. I'm better off without you and here's why.

1. When I prioritize myself, I won't have to prioritize your frail ego, too

Every time I tried to put myself first, what stopped me were thoughts like "oh, but what if he feels bad" or "how will he take it?" But hey, your frail ego is no longer mine to take care of. I'm finally going to listen to my heart and make up for all the times you made me feel like my feelings can be disregarded for yours.

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2. When you think my world fell apart, remember this: my world NEVER revolved around you

The other day, somebody asked me, "do you still miss him". And I didn't have to fake it or pretend when I said "no". Of all the breakups I've had, ours was the easiest. After all, it's not that hard to move on from a relationship that made me go through bitter mornings and sleepless nights. So, no, you didn't break my world apart. You were never the center of my universe; it was always me, myself, and I.

3. When I fight for my dreams, my plans no longer have to include your insecurities

For every new thing I wanted to try, you had nothing positive to say. You were quite the coward and I'm glad I got out before you had the chance to turn me into one, too. Now, all the things I put off for you, all the dreams I put on hold for you, they are all back in full swing. I'm going to paint my future to be as bright and big as I want it to be, and I'm glad you're nowhere in it.

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4. When the little things remind me of you, I look at the trash and that reminds me of you too

I'll admit that there may have been times where I thought I missed you, but I realized that what I was really missing was the idea of you and the idea of being in a relationship. For all those good times we had in the beginning, you gave me so many more bad memories that remind me where you belong — my past — which is where you will stay for the rest of my life.

5. When I make mistakes, I don't have to clean up the mess that your mistakes made

Yes, I'll make mistakes. But at least they will be my own. Those mistakes will come out from my actions and won't be the mess that you created. I'm so glad I'm done with taking care of you. I'm free of you and all the problems you came with. If you still think you need to depend on someone else to take care of you, maybe you should move back in with your parents.

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6. When someone disrespects me now, I'll remember all the times I stood up to you

The worst I felt in the relationship was when I thought I lost my voice against you. And minutes later, I felt my best moments in the relationship when I stood up against you. I came out of our relationship stronger than I was before it. Never again will I settle for anything less than what I deserve in a relationship. 

P.S: Remember when you told me that I could never live with you? Watch me now as I live my fullest, loveliest, and happiest years without you.

P.P.S: Watch out for karma! I heard it bites.