This Stepmom Asked Photographer To Edit Out Her Stepson From A Few Family Photos

This Stepmom Asked Photographer To Edit Out Her Stepson From A Few Family Photos

Not all kids are so unfortunate to have a step-parent who doesn't consider them a part of their family.

Some people get lucky and get the nicest step-parents, who make sure that their stepchildren feel just as close and cared for as the biological kids, but there are some kids who are just unfortunate in this department. Perpetuating the "evil stepmom" stereotype, a woman made a request on Facebook that led to people shaming her heavily. Whether it was deserved or not, we leave it to you to decide.

The woman had gotten some professionally clicked photos of the family of five, which includes her stepson. In the original post on Facebook, the woman had posted three photos of an outdoor portrait session, according to Fox News. The family wore matching plaid shirts and jeans while posing in a field. In two of the pictures, she held her apparently biological, toddler children in her lap. Another boy, slightly older, was seated a little away to the right. 

In another photo, she posed with her husband, the two kids they have together, and the husband's child from a previous relationship, according to Daily Mail

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The screenshot of the post was shared on Reddit and it received more than 70,000 upvotes and thousands on comments. The post said, "Is there any way y'all could remove the kid to the right in these pictures? He's my stepson and I love these pictures of us together but I also didn't get any good ones with just [my] two without him," the woman, branded an "evil stepmother" wrote online. "Also remove him from the full family pictures please. Thanks in advance."

She later added a disclaimer explaining, "I love my stepson but I do want some without him in them. I already posted these ones but I just want to have it both ways," she said. 

The screenshot of the woman's post on Reddit garnered a lot of comments, most expressing their disappointment. Some of the people who responded were stepmoms themselves.

"As a step-mother this breaks my heart. It is my job to make sure my step-daughter knows she is loved as much as I love my son," said a user called kt_zee. 

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Another step-mom added on Reddit, "I’m so sorry. I’m a stepmom and while it can sometimes be awkward, I always tried my best to make it less so. Whenever we did family photos we made sure to do a bunch of combos and individual pictures to avoid any hurt feelings." 

Many people called out her behavior and branded her as "movie trope-level evil stepmother." Some condemned her as a "cruel" and "awful" person as well. This post also led to some people sharing their bad experiences with step-parents, which shows that there are more unlucky people in the world than this little boy. 

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"My dad and his gf took “family pajama pictures” with her son and my brother but never invited me. But sent me pajamas in the mail? What was the point of sending me pajamas anyway?" said one commenter. While another person said that a stepmom didn't consider them as a part of the family. "This happened to me - i'm 30 now. Family were discussing the upcoming family photos, and my sister suggested we move the date so I could be involved too. My step-mum said it was 'for family only', and said it was best to leave it as it was."