"Evil Parents" Often Kept 8YO Locked In A Dark & Filthy Room For 12hrs Without Food | Young Sister Helped Him Escape

"Evil Parents" Often Kept 8YO Locked In A Dark & Filthy Room For 12hrs Without Food | Young Sister Helped Him Escape

He was kept improsoned in the room everytime he misbehaved, but his sisters weren't treated the same way.

All neighborhoods seem to be normal until you look through the windows of the houses. Each family has their own problems and secrets that they keep hidden from the outside world. Sometimes, some secrets are so dark that one cannot help but feel a chill creep down their spine.

You don't really know what a person really is as a human being until you interact with them. The Davis family, too, seemed like any other family until a fire in their house revealed the distressing condition of one of the children in their house. The neighbors were even aware that the couple had a 8YO boy, as they have only seen their daughters out at play. 

According to the neighbors of Daniel Andrew Davis, 37, and Kelley Lynne Davis, 36, who lived in Spring Hill, the couple had five daughters. They were oblivious to the existence of an 8-year-old boy since they never saw him. The little boy was kept in a room for up to 12 hours a day, locked up.

Source: Youtube | Photo by FOX 13 News (screengrab)


The officials who saw the room the little one was kept in would never forget what they saw. Since the 8-year-old had no access to the bathroom, he was forced to relieve himself in the room itself, making it a hard place for anyone to live, let alone a child. All the boy had with him in that room was a mattress and blanket.

There was no electricity in the small room as it was cut off with a circuit breaker. The one window that could've been the boy's only means of interaction with the outside world was also boarded up. With no electricity or natural light and airflow, the boy remained in the darkened room for hours. One can imagine the mental trauma he must've experienced. Even though he was treated in such an inhumane way, FOX 13 reported that his sisters "are not treated in the manner described."

The father, Daniel, confessed to treating his son the way he did but did not sound apologetic even for a minute. The detectives revealed that he "freely admitted, without hesitation, that the dogs in the household had more freedom and better living conditions than the victim," and added that the boy was kept in pitiful condition, locked in the room after he misbehaved.   

At a young age, his concept of a home is a dark and unhygienic room with parents who never loved him. But not everyone in the family agreed with the way the parents treated the child. The siblings of the little boy had more compassion than the parents who've been traumatizing him. One of his young sisters found the courage and intelligence to rescue him from his nightmare.

According to FOX 13 in Tampa Bay, while talking about the "evil parents" and their deeds, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco revealed, "There was another sibling in the house that slipped a book of matches to the victim and the child took the matches to start the fire." The mattress was consumed by the fire by the time the fire department arrived, but it couldn't erase the destitute condition of the room.



Even though a number of 911 calls had been made from the house before this incident, with one of the neighbors reporting about a boy who was seen in their garage looking for food, it's only after the fire that everyone became aware of the horrible condition of the child living an invisible life in that house. 

“No matter how many times you look at something," said Sheriff Nocco and continued, "just know the conditions are a million times worse, the smells, the bugs in the room." He revealed that detectives had been to the house before but the kids couldn't explain anything back then, claiming it to be a case of Stockholm syndrome. However, it could also be the children's fear that could have stopped them from articulating the truth to the cops.

Interestingly, Sheriff Nocco's statement called the couple the boy's guardians and not parents. Although, he didn't reveal the real relationship citing victim privacy laws as a reason. Thanks to the brave girl, the boy is now safe and all the kids are now in protective custody. Davis and Kelley are charged with aggravated child abuse.


A neighbor, Charles Clutter, told Tampa Bay Times, "They seemed normal. You truly don’t know who your neighbors are." On October 5, the parents were arrested but then released on $10,000 bonds. Sheriff Nocco told New York Post, "This is heartbreaking. This child was horribly treated out there. And so, you know, as a law enforcement officer, they say be tough, be strong, I’ll tell you, this is one of those cases that just hearing about it, it will keep me up."