Enrique Iglesias Who Became Dad For Third Time Always Felt Parenthood Was "One Of The Best Feelings In The World"

Enrique Iglesias Who Became Dad For Third Time Always Felt Parenthood Was "One Of The Best Feelings In The World"

Enrique Iglesias posted the pictures of his newborn daughter on Instagram. The artist has previously talked about his experience of parenthood.

Entering parenthood is challenging and at the same time, it is rewarding. While there are always fears relating to the responsibilities that come along with parenthood, most mothers and fathers are more than excited to partake in a journey with their babies. Popular singer Enrique Iglesias is such a father. The artist, who has openly talked about his excitement in being a father, just became a dad to a third child.

According to People, Iglesias along with his partner of more than 19 years Anna Kournikova welcomed a baby girl on 30th January 2020. The excited father took to Instagram to announce the arrival of the latest addition to his family. He posted a picture of him holding his baby and captioned it "My Sunshine". His partner, Kournikova also posted a picture of herself along with the singer and her daughter at the hospital.


The baby seen in a pink beanie will join her siblings, the 2-year-old twins — Lucy and Nicholas. The couple, who have previously been vocal about parenthood, seem to be excited about the new journey with their three children.


When Iglesias welcomed their twins in December 2017, the Bailamos singer said fatherhood changed him a lot. "It's one of the best feelings in the world," said Iglesias, according to EOnline. He added, "I drive slower. I think about stupid things a few more times before doing them." The singer admitted that he has become a more responsible person with the coming of the kids and refers to the experience as "unbelievable".


The star loves spending time with his babies and prefers being home amusing and making them laugh. Iglesias also makes sure that he is not away from home for more than two weeks. Meanwhile, he credits his wife for raising their kids and calls her a "superhero".  “A lot of people ask me, 'It’s so tough with one child. How do you do it with two children, two babies at the same time.’ I’m like ‘Man don’t ask me. The mom [Anna] is the real superhero. She’s the one.’ My first time was twins so I don’t know the difference between one or two at the same time,” stated the singer according to Hola.


However, he hopes to be as good as their mother. “First and foremost a good father. Raise them properly. As long as they’re good kids. Healthy kids and enjoy life. Everybody raises their children whichever way they want and if it works, it works,” said the father of three. He said he hopes to be a "cool, easy-going dad".