6 Emotional Regrets You Don't Want To Have On Your Deathbed | Don't Take Life For Granted

6 Emotional Regrets You Don't Want To Have On Your Deathbed | Don't Take Life For Granted

Tomorrow is not a certainty and therefore, we need to live every day to the fullest. Here are a few regrets you don't want to have towards your last days.

As we near our 50s, we often end up looking back at the years that went by. We know we have fulfilled our responsibilities but we realize we forgot to live the life the way we wanted. It is possible that we might have forgotten the spontaneity factor of our lives. Just looking into the events that happen around us will open our eyes to that reality. The sudden death of NBA star Kobe Bryant is such an example. He had planned his schedule for the day and his fans expected to see him alive and healthy. His family might have even thought about their dinner plans. But fate decided to play the villain and he was gone forever.

Therefore, it is important for us to live life without regrets. We need to make our lives worth living while we are healthy and fine.

Here are a few death bed regrets that will persuade you to start living your life as if there was no tomorrow.

1. "I wish I hadn't worked so hard"

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Conquering the highest peaks in our career is a dream for many of us. We might have planned for it as a child. But many of us get caught up in that wheel forever. By the time, we realize it, it might be too late. There is no going back from that point. So, make every moment count and invest some time to pursue your dreams of traveling or becoming an artist. Find time to meet your dear ones and let them know you think about them.

2. "I wish I had stayed in touch with my best friends" 

As we progress in age, we get reminded of all those people who made us laugh and giggle. We hope to have them by our side as we spend our days alone. Though we promised to be their best friend long ago, we forgot about them as we moved on with our hectic lives. We focused on our professional life and raised our children. We barely had the time to hang out with them.

3. "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself"

We are forced to listen to the opinions of others and shape our lives based on the unwritten rules laid by the society around us. In the course of making others smile, many of us gave up the things that mattered to us. But towards the end, we realize we lived for others and not for ourselves. We cheated ourselves and evolved into somebody we never wanted to become.

4. "I didn’t give my family that loved me enough time"

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All throughout our lives, we were too busy to keep in touch with our loved ones. We often skipped Sunday roasts and family gatherings. We sacrificed it all for our work. Sometimes, we were just lazy to dress up. But all those times, we lost the opportunity to be with the family who cared for us. We forgot to make memories with them.

5.  "I let anger get the best of me"

We could not control our temper and often burst out easily. We scared our family and friends away. The people who loved us moved away because they could not handle our anger anymore. We did not realize we were pushing them away. But we did. By the time, we recognized our mistake, we were too late to correct it.

6.  "I worked at a place I hated" 

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We might have dreamed of becoming an artist, a pilot or start a business but we were always scared to take risks. We feared the outcome and always thought it would just not work out well. So we stuck to the nine to five job we hated. We dragged our feet every day to work and never felt happy or satisfied.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.