All Alone In His Final Hours, Elvis Presley's Last Ironic Words Before He Slept Eternally Were That "He Won't" Sleep

All Alone In His Final Hours, Elvis Presley's Last Ironic Words Before He Slept Eternally Were That "He Won't" Sleep

Elvis Presley was the king of Rock and Roll. His music mesmerized people and they loved the flamboyant performer. However, the beloved musician had a tragic end at his home in Graceland. He was alone and his body was discovered hours after his death.

According to Express, Presley died in the toilet on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. When he got up, his fiance, Ginger warned him not to fall asleep in the toilet. He told her, "I won't" and went into the toilet at 9:30 AM.


However, Ginger did not imagine those to be his last words. Presley slipped away into everlasting sleep that day. His body was only discovered at 1:30 PM by his fiance. He was found unconscious on the floor of his master suite bathroom on the second floor of his Memphis mansion.

Soon after, the renowned musician was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital, according to PBS. Though the medical staff tried hard to save his life, the singer was pronounced dead at 3:30 PM.


Initially, reports stated that the singer died of  “cardiac arrhythmia” and also stated there were no drugs involved. Soon after, it was claimed that the singer died due to drug overdose.

According to PBS, Presley died while he was trying hard to have a bowel movement. His efforts added a lot of pressure to his on his heart and aorta. He was likely to have suffered from a heart attack due to drug overdose. The toxicology report of the performer's blood that came weeks after his death stated that his blood contained "high dosages of, among other things, the opiates Dilaudid, Percodan, and Demerol, as well as Quaaludes and codeine," according to Town and Country Magazine.


The singer was known to take prescription drugs daily. Hours before his death, Presley demanded more pills other than his daily dose as he was struggling to fall asleep. Though he had a second dose of spills, he was still finding it difficult to sleep. So, the desperate star called his doctor's office.

Although they were reluctant at first, the doctor gave in. He was sent a package containing two Valmids that are used to treat insomnia, according to Express. So, in total, the singer had consumed three packs of pills before he left for the bathroom.


Ginger woke up from her sleep after a while. Though she was surprised not to find Presley on the bed, she got up, dressed, and chatted with her mother before searching for him.

Eventually, the concerned woman went up to the toilet and found the body of the singer. However, it did not occur to her that he might be dead. She though the singer had fallen and hit his head rendering him unconscious. According to Express, his body was surrounded by vomit and his pajama bottoms were still around his ankles.


At the time of his death, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley was just nine years old. Years later, she recalled the scene of the tragedy. The little girl woke up to her father's fiance attending to his lifeless body in tears. "My daddy’s dead! He’s smothered in the carpet!" cried out the girl, according to Radar Online. The last time she saw her dad, he kissed her goodnight and put her to sleep. "It was 4 a.m. I was supposed to be asleep, actually. He found me," recalled Lisa Marie, according to Radar Online.

Her father kissed her goodnight and he was gone forever. It was "the last time I saw him alive," said the singer. She even recalled that his body was at their house for days. In the absence of his physical presence, she was comforted by his body. "His body was in the house for three days and there was something very oddly comforting about that, which made it not necessarily real to me," recalled the singer.

His death was undoubtedly tragic and a shock to his family and to his fans.