Elvis Presley Grieved His Mother's Death Till The Day He Died, Tearfully Said, "She's All I Ever Lived For"

Elvis Presley Grieved His Mother's Death Till The Day He Died, Tearfully Said, "She's All I Ever Lived For"

Elvis Presley shared a great emotional bond with his mother, Gladys. She was his guardian and great friend till the day she died.

Our mothers are our first companions. Growing up, they are the keepers of our darkest secrets and the love of our lives. No matter how stubborn or naughty we are, they patiently stick with us and raise us with discipline.

Therefore, losing them is unimaginable. It breaks our hearts and leaves us feeling lonely even though we are surrounded by others who love us. For some reason, a mother's love is just irreplaceable.

Rock and roll sensation Elvis Presley felt the same when he lost his dear mother, Gladys. The singer was very attached to his mother all throughout his life. So, her death on August 14, 1958, wrecked him. At her funeral, Presley could not hold back his tears. He wept hysterically while his mother's favorite band, The Blackwood Brothers, performed at the service. The singer cried, "Oh God, everything I have is gone," according to Elvispresleymusic.com. He was inconsolable and struggled to believe he had to live in a world without his loving mother.

He leaned towards her grave and mourned, "Goodbye, darling, goodbye. I love you so much. You know how much I lived my whole life just for you." He was so emotional that he tried to wake her. He said, "She's all I ever lived for. She was always my best girl."


Presley continued to grieve for years and returned to her grave at Forest Hill Cemetery till his very end. After all how could he not, she was his guiding light from the day he was born. 

Elvis Presley was born to Gladys and Vernon Presley along with his stillborn twin on 8 January 1935. Though the family struggled to make ends meet, Gladys was a determined mother who provided her son with everything. She was a protective mother. She walked her son to school every day and did not allow anyone to mess with her boy, according to Neatorama.com. She made sure they knew the consequences if they ever tried to. But that didn't mean Presley was free to do whatever he liked. Gladys was a disciplinarian. Her son would have to face her anger if he disobeyed her. 

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As the singer matured into a teenager, he protested against his mother walking him to school. That ended their joint walks but Gladys always had her eyes on her boy. She often shadowed him to school and made sure he reached home safely. However, nothing came in the way of their relationship. Presley confided in her and his mother boosted his confidence. She told him he was special and the "King of Rock and Roll" promised he would make it big one day.

And that word became a reality when 18-year-old Presley went to the Memphis recording studio to record the song, "My Happiness," for his mother as a Christmas gift. Within the next few years, Presley became a star. And the singer did not wait to make his mother feel special. He got her gifts and pampered her like she did when he was a little boy. In November 1956, the singer even started a song publishing company that was named after his mother. Presley remained close to his mother and made it a point to talk to her every night.


The two were so connected that when Presley's car caught on fire, his mother dreamt her son was in danger. When he called her up after the incident, she immediately asked, "What happened?" When Elvis enquired, she said, "I had a dream and I saw fire, a big fire around you." 

However, her son's immense success meant she was losing out on the time she could spend with him. It worried her. She did not want to share her son with the world and wanted him by her side. His absence depressed her but Presley always tried to put a smile on her face.


When Presley got drafted in the army in 1958, she missed him more than ever. The mother-son duo could no longer talk on the phone every day. Meanwhile, Gladys's health started deteriorating. Though she kept downplaying her poor health, the woman was soon so unwell that she had to be admitted for a liver condition at the Methodist Hospital in Memphis.


Presley was heartbroken and rushed back home to be with her. Soon, he was forced to bid farewell to her after she suffered a heart attack. Presley never got over her death and continued to grieve. He sent flowers to her grave every week without fail till the day he died.