Helpless Elderly Woman Who Posted Online For A "Friend to Go Hiking With" Killed By A 17-Year-Old Teen

Helpless Elderly Woman Who Posted Online For A "Friend to Go Hiking With" Killed By A 17-Year-Old Teen

Lisa Thorborg's death shocked the community. They paid tributes to her on the trail she was found dead.

According to Kiro7,  68-year-old Lisa Thorborg was found dead on a trail at Hosp Grove Park, Carlsbad, on 23 November 2020. Upon investigation, the police charged a 17-year-old for the death of the woman. 

Lisa was found dead a few blocks away from her house in Buena Vista Way, Carlsbad. According to CBS 8, the woman had been posting online for a hiking partner. “Hiking anyone? I am looking for a friend to go hiking with. I am a moderate hiker, 68 years of age, and I would love some company," said her post on Nextdoor on 9 November, 2020. 

Although, it is unclear if she ever met up with anyone through the app because she was alone when she was killed.



Soon after, her body was found by one of her neighbors. “They saw somebody who they thought was sleeping. They yelled at them. They didn't move and he went over and inspected the situation—and he was with his daughter and his granddaughter—and he realized what the situation was and they went and they called 911," recalled Gary Dwelley, one of Lisa's neighbors. 

Though the authorities started searching for a white or Hispanic man based on a set description, they later found that the description did not match the suspect, who was found 28 days after the brutal incident. 


Carlsbad police Lt. Jason Jackowski said, "The description that was put out did not match the suspect description. It was mostly investigative techniques, and confirmed through forensics." He continued, "As far as we can determine, they were unknown to each other." 

The suspect is a 17-year-old California boy who is believed to have stabbed the elderly widow to death. 

He further went on to thank the people who helped in finding the suspect. “The department would like to thank the San Diego sheriff’s search and rescue teams that aided the department in the search for evidence in rugged terrain, and the community for coming together and sharing any information they had on the incident," said Lt. Jason. 

The incident shocked the community. The residents paid tributes to Lisa by laying flowers on the trail where she took her last breath. Lisa's family members thanked the community for their kind gesture. “We, the family of Lisa Thorborg, would like to share our immense gratitude for the outpouring of support, love, and generosity from this amazing Carlsbad community," said the family, according to CBS 8


They added, "Our family moved here with Lisa just six short months before her tragic death, and in a year dominated by COVID, there has not been much opportunity to meet our new neighbors and make friends." 

They further stated, "Since the shocking news of Lisa’s death, however, there has been an endless outpouring of kindness and generosity that literally brings us to tears and warms our hearts. From the organization of the ‘Finish Lisa’s Walk’ event in Hosp Grove to the many meals, flowers, and gifts that we have received — we want you to know that we feel SO loved and supported by this incredible community.”

The family also thanked the authorities for their diligent efforts in solving the case.